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Assault on Broken Shore
Quick Facts
  • Type: Scenario
  • Territory: Contested
  • Min. level: 110
  • Location: Eastern Kingdoms
  • Map ID: 1666

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The Assault on Broken Shore

» Stage 1. Into the Fray
      Reach the Broken Shore
» Stage 2. Vanguard of the Assault
      Secure the beach
» Stage 3. Might of the Legion
      Defeat Lord Kalgorath
» Stage 4. Rifts of Chaos
      Close the portals and defeat Dread Commander Arganoth's forces
» Stage 5. The Doomguard's Command
      Defeat Dread Commander Arganoth
» Stage 6. Gateway to Ruin
      Take the Demonic Gateway to the base of the command ship.
» Stage 7. Pillar of Fire
      Place Arcane Bombs in Mephistroth's command ship.
» Stage 8. Mephistroth
      Defeat Mephistroth.