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Astravar Harbor
Quick Facts
Astravar Harbor is a subzone of Suramar

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Creatures (40)Zone spells (16)Zone auto spells (1)
Charged Knifefish110A HBeastSuramar7.0.3 7
Shal'dorei Civilian110A HHumanoidSuramar 4
Nightborne Rebel110A HHumanoidSuramar 4
Nightfallen Rebel110A HHumanoidSuramar 10
Archmage Khadgar110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Lady Liadrin
<Blood Knight Matriarch>
110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
First Arcanist Thalyssra110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Tyrande Whisperwind110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Vereesa Windrunner
<Ranger-General of the Silver Covenant>
110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Glaive Thrower110A HMechanicalSuramar 2
First Arcanist Thalyssra110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Arcanist Valtrois110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Chief Telemancer Oculeth110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Duskwatch Adjudicator110A HHumanoidSuramar 6
Duskwatch Battlemaster110A HHumanoidSuramar 4
Duskwatch Battlemaster110A HHumanoidSuramar 5
Arcane Chronomaton110A HHumanoidSuramar 10
Nightborne Courier110A HHumanoidSuramar 6
Chief Telemancer Oculeth110A HHumanoidSuramar 1
Soul Engine Hound110A HDemonSuramar7.1.0 8
Withering Civilian110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 73
Soul Engine Jailer110A HDemonSuramar7.1.0 29
Duskwatch Subjugator110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 26
Shal'dorei Civilian110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 25
Soul Engine Executioner110A HDemonSuramar7.1.0 4
Great Sea Whale Shark110A HBeastSuramar7.0.3 1
Felborne Conspirator110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 7
Archmage Khadgar110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 1
Shal'dorei Civilian110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 1
Loyalist Spectator110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 8
High Society Harpist110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 2
Shal'dorei Civilian110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 23
Totally Generic GIGANTIC Bunny (JSB)85A HServer triggerSuramar7.0.3 6
Target1A HServer triggerSuramar 1
Felsoul Ferry1A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.1.0 12
Teleporter1A HServer triggerSuramar 1
Felsoul Ferry1A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.1.0 3
Controller1A HServer triggerSuramar7.1.0 8
Felsoul Ferry1A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.1.0 13
Kirin Tor Peacekeeper110A HHumanoidSuramar 14