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Midnight Court
Quick Facts
Midnight Court is a subzone of Suramar

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Creatures (43)Zone spells (17)Zone auto spells (1)See also (1)
Imperial Arcbinder110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 14
Felsoul Courtesan110A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 7
Duskwatch Spell-Fencer110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 14
Legion Battlematron110A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 4
Duskwatch Warpcaster110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 19
Felgaze Doomseer110A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 6
High Society Entertainer110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Deactivated Security Module110A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.0.3 10
Chronarch Defender110A HMechanicalSuramar7.0.3 17
Felsworn Noble110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 5
Distraught Noble
<House Duskmere>
110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Felsworn Noble110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 5
Shamed Noble
<House Duskmere>
110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Felborne Collaborator110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 7
Disgruntled Servant
<House Duskmere>
110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Felborne Collaborator110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 5
Stelleris Vigilant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 11
Stelleris Libertine110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 11
Duskwatch Spellshield110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 29
Suramar Aristocrat110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 104
Duskwatch Spellshield110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 35
Duskwatch Spell-Fencer110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 26
Loyalist Sycophant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 72
Imperial Arcbinder110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 9
Loyalist Sycophant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 55
Callus110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Imperial Servant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 25
Imperial Servant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 55
Garion110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Vineyard Warden110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 62
Vineyard Attendant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 43
Duskwatch Warpcaster110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 20
Tempomancer Virinya110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 2
Loyalist Spellblade1A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Loyalist Magus1A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 9
Loyalist Sycophant1A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 13
Lavish Palanquin1A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.0.3 14
Hulking Shocktrooper1A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 24
Felsoul Champion1A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 4
Font of Arcane Energy1A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.0.3 180
Palace Minder1A HServer triggerSuramar7.0.3 60
Curious Sabercub1A HCritterSuramar7.0.3 27
Palace Sweeper1A HCritterSuramar7.0.3 44