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Moonlit Landing
Quick Facts
Moonlit Landing is a subzone of Suramar

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Creatures (34)Zone spells (17)Zone auto spells (1)See also (1)
Imperial Arcbinder110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 14
Felgaze Doomseer110A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 6
Duskwatch Warpcaster110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 19
Chronarch Defender110A HMechanicalSuramar7.0.3 17
Loyalist Aristocrat110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 2
Stelleris Vigilant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 11
Ailen Astravar110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Stelleris Libertine110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 11
Marina Sentry110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 20
Stelleris Thug110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 2
<Stelleris Thug>
110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Duskwatch Spellshield110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 29
Leleyna110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Duskwatch Spellshield110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 35
Auditor Esiel110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 1
Loyalist Sycophant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 72
Stelleris Attendant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 2
Loyalist Sycophant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 55
Imperial Servant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 55
Deactivated Security Module110A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.0.3 10
Duskwatch Warpcaster110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 20
Imperial Arcbinder110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 9
Felsoul Courtesan110A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 7
Imperial Servant110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 25
Legion Battlematron110A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 4
Charged Knifefish98 - 110A HBeastThe Great Sea7.0.3 47
Lavish Palanquin1A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.0.3 14
Palace Minder1A HServer triggerSuramar7.0.3 60
Hulking Shocktrooper1A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 24
Curious Sabercub1A HCritterSuramar7.0.3 27
Palace Sweeper1A HCritterSuramar7.0.3 44
Loyalist Sycophant1A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 13
Font of Arcane Energy1A HUnspecifiedSuramar7.0.3 180
Font of Arcane Energy1A HServer triggerSuramar7.0.3 41