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Quick Facts
  • Type: Scenario
  • Territory: Contested
  • Location: Eastern Kingdoms
  • Map ID: 1579
Ulduar is a level 98-1 contested scenario in Scenarios.

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Scenarios (2)Creatures (43)Quests (2)Zone spells (6)Zone auto spells (2)
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Finding Magni

» Stage 1. Follow the Caretaker
      Follow Caretaker G33-WH12 through the Antechamber.
» Stage 2. Remove the Infestation
      Defeat the invaders.
» Stage 3. Locate Magni
      Find Magni Bronzebeard. The caretaker said he'd be in the Celestial Planetarium.
» Stage 4. Bring Down the Barrier
      Give Archmage Khadgar the signal to bring the fel barrier down.
» Stage 5. Defeat the Demons
      Defeat Inquisitor Ha'zaduum and his minions to save Magni.
» Stage 6. Escort Magni
      Walk with Magni Bronzebeard to the Celestial Planetarium.
» Stage 7. Enter the Planetarium
      Ask Magni to open the door to the Celestial Planetarium.
» Stage 8. The Diamond King's Message
      Listen to the information Magni Bronzebeard wants to share with you.
Ulduar Warrior Scenario

» Stage 1. Demons, Demons, Everywhere...
      Fight your way to the Observation Ring
» Stage 2. Small But Mighty
      Follow the Iron Dwarf
» Stage 3. A Feat of Strength
      Pull the door open
» Stage 4. Hodir, Hodir, Hodir!
      Rescue Hodir!
» Stage 5. The Clash Of Thunder
      Follow Hodir to the Clash of Thunder
» Stage 6. A Feat of Battle
      Get through the Legion gauntlet
» Stage 7. Rescue Thorim
» Stage 8. Talk to Thorim