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Emerald Dreamway
Quick Facts
Emerald Dreamway is a contested zone in .

Showing NPCs: 283 (show objects instead)

Creatures (51)Quests (1)Zone spells (39) Comments (New!) (10) Screenshots (New!) (8)
Nightmare Hydra110A HDemonEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 9
Bloodcrazed Screecher110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 4
Echo of Ashamane110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Bashana Runetotem110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Nightmare Lasher110A HDemonEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 52
Witherheart110A HDemonEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Teensy Weensy Fae Dragon110A HDragonkinEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 26
Dreamway Prowler110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 3
Moonglade Gatewarden110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Duskwood Gatewarden110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 4
Wisp110A HCritterEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 29
Hinterlands Gatewarden110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 3
Echo of Ashamane110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway 1
Hyjal Gatewarden110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Avatar of Aviana110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway 1
Echo of Nightmare110A HDemonEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 15
Grizzly Hills Gatewarden110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Son of Ursoc110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway 1
Glimmer of Aessina110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway 1
Blightthorn Growth110A HElementalEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 4
Feralas Gatewarden110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 4
Nightmare Blight110A HGiantEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Dreamgrove Gatewarden110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Dreamway Whelp102 - 110A HDragonkinEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 8
Greathorn Stag102A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 6
Dream Bunny100A HServer triggerEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 3
Dreamway Grizzly100 - 110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Brightwing100A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Dreamway Prowler Pup98 - 110A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.2.5 6
Mylune98 - 110A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Pepe1A HCritterEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 4
Grizzly Bunny1A HServer triggerEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Ritual Candle1A HUnspecifiedEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Dreamway to Order Hall Teleporter1A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway 1
Sapling1A HUnspecifiedEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 1
Dreamway to Hyjal Teleporter1A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway 1
Dreamway to Hinterlands Teleporter1A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway 1
Dreamway to Duskwood Teleporter1A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway 1
Azure Trout1A HCritterEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Dreamway to Moonglade Teleporter1A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway 1
Emerald Leaper1A HCritterEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 21
Dreamway to Feralas Teleporter1A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway 1
Dreamway to Grizzly Hills Teleporter1A HHumanoidEmerald Dreamway 1
Dreamway Prowler Pup1A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 2
Dreamgrove Trigger Quest1A HServer triggerEmerald Dreamway 1
Summon Son of Ursoc1A HServer triggerEmerald Dreamway 1
Greathorn Fawn1A HCritterEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 5
Greathorn Doe1A HBeastEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 4
Dreamdew Snail1A HCritterEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 21
Glitterfur Rabbit1A HCritterEmerald Dreamway7.0.3 16