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Quick Facts
  • Type: Scenario
  • Territory: Contested
  • Location: Kalimdor
  • Map ID: 1528
Skywall is a level 98-110 contested artifact acquisition in Scenarios.

Showing NPCs: 76 (show objects instead)

Scenarios (1)Creatures (20)Zone spells (3)
The Thundering Heavens

» Stage 1. Into the Skies
      Follow Li Li and protect her from the dangers of Skywall.
» Stage 2. Running In The Clouds
      Li Li has ran off ahead! Catch up with her.
» Stage 3. A Shocking Development
      Your foes are using the Stormtouched Orbs to empower themselves. Destroy the orbs and break through the Raging Winds.
» Stage 4. Against The Storm
      Typhinius has summoned his servants, survive the assault!
» Stage 5. Dragon Wrangling
      You've weakened the Storm Dragon. Leap upon the beast and use it to reach Typhinius.
» Stage 6. The Tyrant of Skywall
      Defeat Typhinius
» Stage 7. Fists of the Heavens
      The Fists of the Heavens are yours, take them.