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Vault of the Wardens
Quick Facts
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Territory: Contested
This secret Warden facility was carved into the mountainside deep in Azsuna, and sealed with magical wards both to keep intruders out, and to ensure that the terrors locked within could never escape. Many of the most dangerous foes the Wardens have encountered were locked away within the Vault, but in the aftermath of Cordana's betrayal and the Legion's attack, those creatures now roam the halls freely.

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Loot (83)Dungeon Journal (1)Encounters (5)Creatures (59)Quests (6)
Meeting stones (1)Subzones (11)See also (1)

Hood of Indignation
820Head (Cloth)

Amice of Cruel Laughter
820Shoulders (Cloth)

Flameheart Vestment
820Chest (Cloth)

Leggings of the Third Degree
820Legs (Cloth)

Gloves of Unseen Evil
820Hands (Cloth)

Waistband of Spiritual Doom
820Waist (Cloth)

Shadewalker Footwraps
820Feet (Cloth)

Glaivemaster's Studded Grips
820Hands (Leather)

Charskin Mantle
820Shoulders (Leather)

Hood of the Blind Executioner
820Head (Leather)

Flame Juggler's Armbands
820Wrists (Leather)

Girdle of Lidless Sight
820Waist (Leather)

Chestguard of Insidious Desire
820Chest (Leather)

Warden's Martial Greaves
820Legs (Leather)

Collar of Blindsight
820Head (Mail)

Striders of Furious Flight
820Feet (Mail)

Leggings of Biting Links
820Legs (Mail)

Lavabreaker Gauntlets
820Hands (Mail)

Permafrost Waistband
820Waist (Mail)

Shoulderguards of Shunned Duty
820Shoulders (Mail)

Bracers of Twisted Revelation
820Wrists (Mail)

Magmacrusher Girdle
820Waist (Plate)

Mortar Guard Shoulderplates
820Shoulders (Plate)

Blood-Spattered Gauntlets
820Hands (Plate)

Crown of Ash
820Head (Plate)

Polished Jade Chestguard
820Chest (Plate)

Legguards of Illusory Burdens
820Legs (Plate)

Pathfinders of Dark Omens
820Feet (Plate)

Drape of Vile Misfortune
820Back (Cloth)

Cloak of Enthralling Darkness
820Back (Cloth)

Seal of Saltheril

Ring of Minute Mirrors

Lavadrip Pendant

Pendant of the Watchful Eye

Tirathon's Betrayal

Orb of Torment

Faulty Countermeasure

Concave Reflecting Lens

Moonlit Prism

Metamorphosis Spark
820Artifact Relic Gem

Soulsap Shackles
820Artifact Relic Gem

Prisoner's Wail
820Artifact Relic Gem

Flashfrozen Ember
820Artifact Relic Gem

Molten Giant's Eye
820Artifact Relic Gem

Pulsing Prism
820Artifact Relic Gem

Elune's Light
820Artifact Relic Gem

Shade of the Vault
820Artifact Relic Gem

Moonglaive Dervish
820Artifact Relic Gem

Portalguard Gauntlets
810Hands (Plate)

Portalguard Wristguard
810Wrists (Plate)

Felbat Leather Boots
810Feet (Leather)

Felbat Leather Gloves
810Hands (Leather)

Mardum Chain Boots
810Feet (Mail)

Mardum Chain Vest
810Chest (Mail)

Netherwhisper Hood
810Head (Cloth)

Netherwhisper Wristguard
810Wrists (Cloth)

Blood of Sargeras

Recipe: Flask of the Seventh Demon
Rank 2
110Alchemy Recipe

Formula: Enchant Cloak - Binding of Strength
Rank 3
110Enchanting Formula

Design: Vindictive Pandemonite Choker
Rank 3
110Jewelcrafting Recipe

Recipe: Gravenscale Treads
Rank 3
110Leatherworking Pattern

Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Flourish
Rank 3
110Tailoring Pattern

Brief History of the Aeons
Artifact Power

Brief History of the Ages
Artifact Power

Talisman of Victory
Artifact Power

Technique: Codex of the Tranquil Mind
Rank 2
110Inscription Technique

Technique: Codex of the Tranquil Mind
Rank 3
110Inscription Technique

Jewel of Victory
Artifact Power

Symbol of Victory
Artifact Power

Bindings of the Windlord

Sargerite Keystone
1Quest Item

Sovereign Soul
1Quest Item

Glittering Necklace
1Quest Item

Handful of Ancient Golden Discs
1Quest Item

Cask of Honey Brew
1Quest Item

Felsworn Heart
1Quest Item

Beating Fel-Heart
1Quest Item

Eye of the Warden
1Quest Item

Scroll of Town Portal

Small Charm of Inertia

Large Charm of Strength

Stalwart's Grand Charm

Blank Diabolic Tome

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