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Eye of Azshara
Quick Facts
The Eye of Azshara is a contested zone in The Broken Isles.

Showing NPCs: 1025 (show objects instead)

Creatures (33)Quests (3)Objective of (Criteria) (1)Criteria of tree (1)Zone spells (183)
Zone auto spells (2)Meeting stones (1)Subzones (1)See also (2) Comments (New!) (12)
Screenshots (New!) (2) Videos (New!) (2)
Kosumoth the Hungering112A HAberrationEye of Azshara7.0.3 1
Hatecoil Crusher111A HHumanoidEye of Azshara7.0.3 17
Skrog Wavecrasher111A HGiantEye of Azshara7.0.3 28
Kveldulfnir110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.2.0 1
Hatecoil Warrior110A HHumanoidEye of Azshara7.0.3 26
Hatecoil Stormweaver110A HHumanoidEye of Azshara7.0.3 46
Saltsea Droplet110A HElementalEye of Azshara7.0.3 205
Gritslime Snail110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.0.3 38
Cove Seagull110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.0.3 47
Restless Tides110A HElementalEye of Azshara7.0.3 23
Saltscale Lurker110A HHumanoidEye of Azshara7.0.3 113
Seaspray Crab110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.0.3 68
Mak'rana Siltwalker110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.0.3 17
Razen Swingblade
<Flight Master>
110A HHumanoidEye of Azshara7.0.3 1
Varoudnir110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.2.0 1
Mavarnir110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.2.0 1
Hatecoil Oracle110A HHumanoidEye of Azshara7.0.3 48
Hatecoil Wrangler110A HHumanoidEye of Azshara7.0.3 15
Wandering Shellback110A HBeastEye of Azshara7.0.3 44
Great Sea Ray100 - 110A HBeastBroken Shore7.0.3 57
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoidBroken Shore1.11.1 2662
Olivetail Hare5A HCritterEye of Azshara7.0.3 96
Coastal Sandpiper5A HCritterEye of Azshara7.0.3 108
Coastal Sandpiper5A HWild PetEye of Azshara7.0.3 9
Juvenile Scuttleback1A HCritterEye of Azshara7.0.3 121
Red-Tailed Chipmunk1A HCritterEye of Azshara4.0.1 137
Forest Moth1A HCritterEye of Azshara4.0.1 73
Red-Tailed Chipmunk1A HWild PetHillsbrad Foothills5.0.1 219
Forest Moth1A HWild PetMoonglade5.0.1 367
Rapana Whelk1A HWild PetDread Wastes5.0.1 38
Olivetail Hare1A HWild PetAzsuna7.0.3 44
Juvenile Scuttleback1A HWild PetAzsuna7.0.3 31
Rapana Whelk1A HCritterDread Wastes5.0.1 222