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Broken Shore
Quick Facts
  • Type: Scenario
  • Territory: Contested
  • Map: Broken Shore Scenario
  • Map ID: 1460
Broken Shore is a level 100-100 contested scenario in Scenarios.

Showing NPCs: 1495 (show objects instead)

Scenarios (3)Creatures (181)Zone spells (14)Subzones (10)See also (2)
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The Battle for Broken Shore

» Stage 1. The Broken Shore
      Travel to the Broken Shore.
» Stage 2. Storm The Beach
      Destroy all demons and structures on the beach.
» Stage 3. Defeat the Commander
      Slay Dread Commander Arganoth.
» Stage 4. Find Varian
      Locate King Varian Wrynn.
» Stage 5. Destroy the Portal
      Destroy the demon portal to stop reinforcements.
» Stage 6. Raze the Black City
      Assault the demon city.
» Stage 7. The Highlord
      Get to Tirion.
» Stage 8. Krosus
      Kill Krosus.
» Stage 9. Stop Gul'dan
      Stop Gul'dan from summoning the Legion.
Test Faction Criteria

» Stage 1. Show Faction Specific Criteria
» Stage 2. A Final Step
Broken Shore - Alliance

» Stage 1. The Broken Shore (A)
      Travel to the Broken Shore. (A)