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New Tinkertown
Quick Facts
New Tinkertown is a level 1-5 alliance zone in Eastern Kingdoms.

Showing NPCs: 532 (show objects instead)

Creatures (83)Quests (2)Fishing (26)Subzones (7)Graveyards (1)
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High Tinker Mekkatorque
<King of Gnomes>
??A HBossNew Tinkertown4.0.1 1
Gnomeregan Infantry95A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 39
Gnomeregan Infantry90A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 8
Xi, Friend to the Small
<Monk Trainer>
90A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown5.0.1 1
High Tinker Mekkatorque
<King of Gnomes>
88A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 1
Razlo Crushcog83A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.1 1
Elgin Clickspring
<High Tinker's Assistant>
80A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Hinkles Fastblast80A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Mountaineer Stonegrind80A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
"Doc" Cogspin
<Priest Trainer>
80A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Image of Gnomeregan Infantry80A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 3
Image of Dwarf Mountaineer80A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 3
Image of Mechano-Tank80A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 2
Captain Tread Sparknozzle
<Mekkatorque's Advisor>
75A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Drill Sergeant Steamcrank
<Warrior Trainer>
75A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoidInvasion Point: Bonich1.11.1 763
Wounded Infantry30A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 4
Mounted Ironforge Mountaineer30A HHumanoidDun Morogh1.11.1 9
Kelsey Steelspark
<Rogue Trainer>
20A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Tristane Shadowstone15A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Dun Morogh Mountaineer15A HHumanoidDun Morogh1.11.1 29
Burdrak Harglhelm
<Leather Armor Merchant>
12A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Keeg Gibn
<Ale & Wine>
10A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Rocket Defense Turret10A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.1 2
Paxton Ganter
<Fishing Trainer>
10A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Gretta Ganter
<Fishing Supplies>
10A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
GS-9x Prototype9A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Nevin Twistwrench
<S.A.F.E. Commander>
6A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Tock Sprysprocket6A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Bipsi Frostflinger
<Mage Trainer>
6A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Great Father Arctikus6A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Jarvi Shadowstep
<Gnomeregan Covert Ops>
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 1
Crushcog's Guardian5A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.1 4
Razlo Crushcog5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 1
S.A.F.E. Operative
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 37
Image of Razlo Crushcog5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 2
Rana Bubblefizz
<Short & Stout Brewing Co.>
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 1
S.A.F.E. Officer
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 7
Physician's Assistant5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 4
Grennor Strongbrew
<Short & Stout Brewing Co.>
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 1
Carson Crazybread
<General Goods>
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Engineer Grindspark5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Gnomeregan Recruit5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 12
Practice Dummy115A HUnspecifiedNew Tinkertown4.0.3 4
Alamar Grimm
<Warlock Trainer>
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Manus Swiftneedle
<Cloth & Leather Armor Merchant>
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Timber5A HBeastNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Elly Sharpedge
<Weapon Merchant>
5A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Captured Demolitionist4A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 17
Jessup McCree
<McCree's Mountain Movers, Inc.>
4A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Winter Wolf4 - 5A HBeastNew Tinkertown4.0.1 37
Gibblewilt4A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown1.11.1 1
Crushcog Sentry-Bot4 - 5A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.1 16
Gnomeregan Trainee4 - 6A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 4
Vallo Shinesteel
<Mail Armor Merchant>
4A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Corporal Fizzwhistle4A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Repaired Mechano-Tank3 - 4A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.1 17
Crushcog Battle Suit3 - 4A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.1 11
Crushcog Battle Suit 13 - 4A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.3 9
Boss Bruggor3A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Rockjaw Fungus-Flinger3A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 11
Training Dummy113A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.3 7
Dead Frostmane Troll3A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 34
Rockjaw Bonepicker3A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 18
Rockjaw Marauder3A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 23
Crushcog Technician3 - 4A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 4
Irradiated Technician3 - 4A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.1 27
Young Snow Leopard2 - 3A HBeastNew Tinkertown4.0.1 50
Mekkatorque's Mechanostrider2A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Living Contamination2A HElementalNew Tinkertown4.0.1 19
[DND] Tech Bunny1A HServer triggerNew Tinkertown4.0.1 10
Frostmane Hold Target1A HServer triggerNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Gnome Traveler1A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown4.0.3 4
Captured Demolitionist Credit1A HUnspecifiedNew Tinkertown4.0.3 1
Trogg Tunnel1A HUnspecifiedNew Tinkertown4.0.3 7
Toxic Sludge1 - 2A HUnspecifiedNew Tinkertown4.0.1 28
Healing Shield1A HServer triggerNew Tinkertown4.0.3 4
Monk Trainee1A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown5.0.1 1
Toxic Pool1A HUnspecifiedNew Tinkertown4.0.1 16
Monk Trainee1A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown5.0.1 1
Monk Trainee1A HHumanoidNew Tinkertown5.0.1 1
Fluxfire Feline1A HWild PetDun Morogh5.1.0 18
Weaponized Rabbot1A HMechanicalNew Tinkertown7.0.3 1