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Camp Narache
Quick Facts
Camp Narache is a level 1-5 horde zone in Kalimdor.

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PvE Training Dummy
<PvE BOSS LEVEL 93, 25000 ARMOR>
??A HBossShadowglen 10
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoidBroken Shore1.11.1 2662
Chief Hawkwind36A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Dyami Windsoar36A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.3 1
Wounded Brave30A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.3 15
Brave Windfeather13A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Moodan Sungrain
11A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Lanka Farshot
<Hunter Trainer>
11A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Meela Dawnstrider
<Shaman Trainer>
10A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Bronk Steelrage
<Armorer & Shieldcrafter>
10A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Seer Ravenfeather
<Priest Trainer>
10A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.3 1
Harutt Thunderhorn
<Warrior Trainer>
10A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Gart Mistrunner
<Druid Trainer>
9A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Marjak Keenblade
9A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Rohaku Stonehoof8A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.1 1
Kawnie Softbreeze
<General Goods>
8A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Varia Hardhide
<Leather Armor Merchant>
7A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Sunwalker Helaku
<Paladin Trainer>
5A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.3 1
Chief Squealer Thornmantle5A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.3 1
Fledgling Brave5A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.1 117
Captured Brave5A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.1 10
Brave Proudsnout115A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Brave Lightninghorn115A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Brave Running Wolf115A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 2
Palemane Skinner5 - 6A HHumanoidMulgore1.11.1 29
Adana Thunderhorn4A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.1 1
Grull Hawkwind4A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1
Thornguard3A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.3 3
Spell Practice Credit3A HServer triggerValley of Trials5.4.2 35
Armored Battleboar3 - 4A HBeastCamp Narache4.0.1 67
Training Dummy3A HMechanicalCamp Narache4.0.3 6
Bristleback Thorncaller2 - 3A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.1 54
Bristleback Gun Thief2 - 3A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.1 65
Bristleback Invaders1 - 2A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 133
Romo's Standard Bunny1A HServer triggerFelwood4.0.1 43
Prairie Dog1A HWild PetWestfall5.0.1 313
Mouse1A HWild PetCrystalsong Forest5.0.1 211
Mulgore Offering Credit Bunny1A HServer triggerCamp Narache4.0.3 1
Plainstrider1 - 2A HBeastNorthern Barrens1.11.1 64
Young Battleboar1 - 2A HBeastCamp Narache1.11.1 31
Kodo Beast1 - 2A HBeastCamp Narache1.12.1 1
Romo's Half-Size Bunny1A HUnspecifiedFelwood4.0.1 39
Third Trough1A HUnspecifiedCamp Narache4.0.1 1
Second Trough1A HUnspecifiedCamp Narache4.0.1 1
Bristleback Invader1 - 2A HHumanoidCamp Narache4.0.1 127
First Trough1A HUnspecifiedCamp Narache4.0.1 1
Camp Narache Brave105A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 6
Brave Greathoof105A HHumanoidCamp Narache1.11.1 1