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Uptime: 15h, 56m, 53s
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PTR 7.3.5
Players: 13 (Record: 212)
Uptime: 3h, 57m, 9s
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Alcaz Island
Quick Facts
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Territory: Contested
  • Map: (UNUSED) Scenario: Alcaz Island
  • Map ID: 930

Showing NPCs: 189 (show objects instead)

Creatures (54)Zone auto spells (1)Graveyards (1)See also (2)
Amber??A HBoss Alcaz Island 1
Father??A HBoss Alcaz Island 1
Ascendant??A HBoss Alcaz Island7.1.0 1
Tower Warden??A HBoss Alcaz Island 1
Cult Researcher113A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 1
Cult Plaguebringer113A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 1
Cult Alchemist113A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 1
Dark Devourer110A HDemon Alcaz Island 4
Altar of Demon Blood110A HMechanical Alcaz Island 1
Sewer Sludge110A HAberration Alcaz Island 16
Tortured Prisoner110A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 1
Twilight Vindicator110A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 7
Corrupted Elementalist110A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 6
Exit110A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
[DNT] Floating Books110A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Corrupted Soul110A HAberration Alcaz Island 1
Chain Target110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island 17
Event Teleporter
<Teleport to start>
110A HElemental Alcaz Island 11
Concentrated Darkness110A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Dark Matter Target110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island 2
Donna110A HBeast Alcaz Island 1
Mistress of Twilight110A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 2
Designated Target110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island 6
Enchanted Plant110A HElemental Alcaz Island 9
Earthen Fury110A HElemental Alcaz Island 4
Boss110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island 1
Twilight Sentinel110A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 7
Concentrated Darkness110A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Robotron 3000110A HMechanical Alcaz Island 1
Big Fire110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island6.0.1 1
Snake110A HUnspecified Alcaz Island6.0.1 12
Target Point110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island6.0.1 3
Visual Bunny110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island6.0.1 9
Cursed Pirate110A HUndeadDustwallow Marsh5.3.0 10
Bunny: Explosive Target110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island5.0.1 6
Beam Target110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island5.0.1 1
Twilight Drake110A HDragonkin Alcaz Island5.4.2 1
Outhouse Stalker110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island5.4.2 2
Barrier Bunny110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island6.2.0 1
Brassbolt Mechawrench
<Steam-Powered Auctioneer>
110A HMechanical Alcaz Island7.0.3 3
Fog Bunny110A HServer trigger Alcaz Island7.1.0 4
Crystal Shard110A HElemental Alcaz Island7.0.3 5
Annie110A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 1
Twilight's Hammer Prisoner90A HHumanoid Alcaz Island 7
Explosives Stash Stalker90A HServer trigger Alcaz Island5.3.0 5
Demonic Gateway90A HServer trigger Alcaz Island6.0.1 1
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoidBroken Shore1.11.1 2662
Field Repair Bot 74A50A HMechanical Alcaz Island1.11.1 4
Climbing Ladder1A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Climbing Ladder1A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Climbing Ladder1A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Climbing Ladder1A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Twilight Egg1A HUnspecified Alcaz Island 1
Rat1A HCritter Alcaz Island1.11.1 1707