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Searing Gorge
Quick Facts
Searing Gorge is a fiery and rocky zone home to a friendly subset of the Dark Iron Clan--the Thorium Brotherhood.

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Elder Ironband60A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.12.1 1
Mountain-Lord Rendan60A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 2
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoidBroken Shore1.11.1 2662
Overseer Oilfist
<The Thorium Brotherhood>
60A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker
<The Thorium Brotherhood>
59A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Graw Cornerstone
<Mail Armor Merchant>
58A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Kalaran Windblade55A HDragonkinSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Taskmaster Scrange
<The Thorium Brotherhood>
54A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Hansel Heavyhands
<The Thorium Brotherhood>
53A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Master Smith Burninate
<The Thorium Brotherhood>
52A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 2
Agnes Flimshale52A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Squire Maltrake52A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Evonice Sootsmoker
<The Thorium Brotherhood>
51A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Zamael Lunthistle50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Overseer Maltorius50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 2
Archduke Calcinder50A HElementalSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Twilight-Lord Arkkus50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Smoldar50A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Sarah Tanner
<Leatherworking Trainer>
50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Rendan's Attendant50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 4
Fergus Gravelsmash
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Karn Cragcare
<Stable Master>
50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Velma Rockslide
50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Gavan Crunchore
<Trade Goods>
50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Ernest Slabstuff
<General Goods>
50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Kortas Darkhammer
<Master Pet Tamer>
50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge5.0.3 1
Dark Blacksmith49 - 50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Prisanne Dustcropper
<Thorium Brotherhood>
49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Obsidion49A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Burrian Coalpart
<Thorium Brotherhood>
49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Jack Rockleg
<Thorium Brotherhood>
49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Lathoric the Black49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Slave Master Blackheart49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 5
Snips49A HBeastSearing Gorge5.1.0 1
Scald49A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 2
Searing Flamewraith
<Minion of Calcinder>
49 - 50A HElementalSearing Gorge4.0.1 7
Minister Letherio48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Nilith Lokrav48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Dark Iron Taskmaster48 - 49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 40
Dark Iron Slaver48 - 49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 34
Slave Worker48 - 49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 60
Crystalback48A HBeastSearing Gorge5.2.0 1
Incendosaur48 - 49A HBeastSearing Gorge1.11.1 25
Minister Finister48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Dark Iron Lookout48 - 49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 33
Avis48A HBeastSearing Gorge5.1.0 1
Dark Iron Marksman48 - 49A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 22
Twilight Idolater48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 5
Highlord Mastrogonde48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
<Nilith's Guardian>
48A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
<Minion of Calcinder>
48A HElementalSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Rekk'tilac48A HBeastSearing Gorge1.11.1 5
Slavermaw48A HBeastSearing Gorge5.2.0 1
Gravius Grimesilt47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Dig-Boss Dinwhisker47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Rexxus47A HBeastSearing Gorge5.2.0 1
Hogzilla47A HBeastSearing Gorge5.2.0 1
Scorpoxx47A HBeastSearing Gorge5.1.0 1
Lunk47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Lunk47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Magma Elemental47 - 48A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 44
Minister Kiyuubi47 - 48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Harakiss the Infestor47A HBeastTanaris4.0.1 48
Lunk47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.3 1
Faulty War Golem47A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 5
Twilight Geomancer47 - 48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 15
Twilight Fire Guard47 - 48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 39
Twilight Dark Shaman47 - 48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 16
Greater Lava Spider47 - 48A HBeastSearing Gorge1.11.1 46
Searing Lava Spider47 - 48A HBeastSearing Gorge1.11.1 31
Heavy War Golem47 - 48A HMechanicalSearing Gorge1.11.1 50
Inferno Elemental47 - 48A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 28
Blazing Elemental47 - 48A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 25
Dark Iron Steamsmith47 - 48A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 30
Margol the Rager47A HBeastSearing Gorge1.11.1 2
Shleipnarr47A HDemonSearing Gorge1.11.1 21
Shadowsilk Poacher
<The Undermarket>
47 - 50A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 5
Muck Splash47 - 49A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 9
Dying Archaeologist46A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Dark Iron Geologist46 - 47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 18
Dark Iron Footman46 - 47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 7
Dark Iron Excavator46 - 47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 12
Tempered War Golem46 - 47A HElementalSearing Gorge1.11.1 16
Ash Chicken46 - 47A HBeastSearing Gorge4.0.3 26
Glassweb Spider46 - 47A HBeastSearing Gorge1.11.1 42
Dark Iron Watchman46 - 47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 8
Enslaved Archaeologist46 - 47A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 7
Trade Master Kovic
<The Undermarket>
45A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Dark Iron Kidnapper45A HHumanoidSearing Gorge2.3.0 14
Emberwing45A HBeastBadlands1.11.1 7
Dorius Stonetender45A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Sleepy Dark Iron Worker44 - 45A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.12.1 19
<The Undermarket>
44A HMechanicalSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Molten Hatchling1A HWild PetSearing Gorge5.0.1 31
Ash Spiderling1A HWild PetSearing Gorge5.0.1 93
Lava Crab1A HWild PetSearing Gorge5.0.1 91
Fire Beetle1A HCritterUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 82
Fire Beetle1A HWild PetMount Hyjal5.0.1 234
Iron Summit Guard110A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 8
Doug Deepdown
<Flight Master>
110A HHumanoidSearing Gorge4.0.1 1
Lanie Reed
<Gryphon Master>
110A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1
Thorium Brotherhood Lookout
<The Thorium Brotherhood>
110A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 8
<Wind Rider Master>
100 - 110A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.11.1 1