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Tol Barad
Quick Facts
Tol Barad is a world PvP zone very similar to Wintergrasp. A battle starts on even intervals of time, and the winner of the match gains access to the Baradin Hold raid, as well as a number of special daily quests that grant reputation and currency. In addition to this, both winner and loser gain access to the standard quests in the zone.

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Commander Zanoth
<Hellscream's Reach>
85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 1
Ghastly Convict85A HUndeadTol Barad4.0.3 6
Drillmaster Razgoth
<Hellscream's Reach>
85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 1
Baradin Crocolisk85A HBeastTol Barad4.0.3 36
Marshal Fallows
<Baradin's Wardens>
85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 1
Problim85A HGiantTol Barad4.0.1 5
Alliance Hunter Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 7
Alliance Mage Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 4
Captive Spirit85A HUndeadTol Barad4.0.3 37
Alliance Warrior Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 9
Cellblock Ooze85A HElementalTol Barad4.0.3 16
Alliance Paladin Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 7
Archmage Galus85A HElementalTol Barad4.0.3 1
Horde Druid Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 23
Shivarra Destroyer85A HDemonTol Barad4.0.3 1
Horde Mage Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 20
Cell Watcher85A HDemonTol Barad4.0.3 1
Horde Rogue Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 19
Svarnos85A HBeastTol Barad4.0.3 1
Horde Shaman Infantry85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 31
Jailed Wrathguard85A HDemonTol Barad4.0.3 1
Warden Silva85A HUndeadTol Barad4.0.3 1
Imprisoned Imp85A HDemonTol Barad4.0.3 28
Commander Stevens
<Baradin's Wardens>
85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 1
Imprisoned Worker85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 20
2nd Lieutenant Wansworth
<Baradin's Wardens>
85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 1
Exiled Mage85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 55
Staff Sergeant Lazgar
<Hellscream's Reach>
85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 1
Warden Guard85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 2
Sergeant Parker
<Baradin's Wardens>
85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 1
Baradin Fox Kit1A HCritterTol Barad4.0.3 3
Tower Range Finder1A HServer triggerTol Barad4.0.3 1
Elementium Geode1A HBattle PetTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 5
Tower Cannon Target1A HServer triggerTol Barad4.0.3 5