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Un'Goro Crater
Quick Facts
Un'goro Crater is a lush zone in southern Kalimdor, surrounded by three desert zones. It is filled with devilsaurs, exotic crystals, dinosaurs, and elementals. In the center of Un'goro crater is Fire Plume Ridge, a volcanic mountain.

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Creatures (114)Quests (126)Fishing (29)Criteria of tree (1)Zone spells (15)
Subzones (15)Graveyards (4)See also (1) Comments (New!) (110) Screenshots (New!) (32)
The Etymidian??A HBossUn'Goro Crater3.0.1 1
Ryno Bloomfield
<Master Herbalist>
105A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater7.0.3 1
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Flizzy Coilspanner
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Gadgetzan Bruiser90A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 39
<The Watcher>
85A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Un'Goro Examinant85A HMechanicalUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
High Cultist Herenn78A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater3.0.1 2
Maximillian of Northshire
60A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
<Marshal Expeditions>
60A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoidInvasion Point: Bonich1.11.1 765
<Ravasaur Trainers>
60A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Elder Thunderhorn60A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.12.1 1
J.D. Collie
<Marshal Expeditions>
60A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Durrin Direshovel55A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Devilsaur Queen55A HBeastUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Damsel by the Shore55A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Damsel in the Cliffs55A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Damsel of the North55A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Ithis Moonwarden
<Cenarion Circle>
55A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.1 1
King Mosh55A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 2
Un'Goro Crater Flame Warden55A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.1.0 1
Gormashh54A HElementalUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Elder Diemetradon54 - 55A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 34
Ringo54A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Devilsaur Queen54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Devilsaur54 - 55A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Ironhide Devilsaur54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Tyrant Devilsaur54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 2
Clutchmother Zavas54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 2
Nolen Tacker
<Chef/Guard Captain>
54A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Gruff54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 3
Thunderstomp Stegodon54 - 55A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Steaming Fury53 - 54A HElementalUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 21
Stone Guardian53A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 25
Blazerunner53A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
<Marshal Expeditions>
53A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Tar Lord53A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 21
<Treasure Hunter>
53A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Spiked Stegodon53 - 54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 4
Uhk'loc53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 2
U'cha53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Tara53A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Doreen53A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Gorishi Fledgling Colossus53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Lar'korwi52A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Gorishi Stinger52 - 53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 7
Gorishi Tunneler52 - 53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 9
Frenzied Pterrordax52 - 54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 77
Un'Goro Stomper52 - 53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 14
Glutinous Ooze52 - 54A HAberrationUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 32
Un'Goro Gorilla52 - 53A HBeast 1.11.1 12
Un'Goro Thunderer52 - 53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 9
<Cenarion Circle>
52A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Tar Beast52 - 53A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 16
<General Goods>
52A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Stegodon52 - 53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 11
Tar Lurker52 - 53A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 16
Garl Stormclaw
<Cenarion Circle>
52A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.1 1
Plated Stegodon52 - 54A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 9
Living Blaze52 - 53A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 16
Tar Creeper52 - 53A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 15
Gorishi Worker51 - 52A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 28
Diemetradon51 - 52A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 34
Gorishi Reaver51 - 53A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 17
Bloodpetal Lasher51 - 52A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 68
Bloodpetal Flayer51 - 52A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 23
Bloodpetal Thresher51 - 52A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 30
Bloodpetal Trapper51 - 52A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 26
Ravasaur Matriarch51A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 6
Torwa Pathfinder51A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Scorching Elemental51 - 52A HElementalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 24
Larion51A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Lar'korwi Mate51 - 52A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 4
Gorishi Wasp51 - 52A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 19
Muigin51A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Venomhide Ravasaur50 - 51A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 15
Pack of Juvenile Bloodpetals50A HServer triggerUn'Goro Crater4.0.1 33
Pterrordax50 - 52A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 9
Dramm Riverhorn
<Light Armor Merchant>
50A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.0.3 1
Primal Ooze50 - 52A HAberrationUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 33
Young Diemetradon49 - 50A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 53
Ravasaur Hunter49 - 50A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 26
Muculent Ooze49A HAberrationUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Karna Remtravel
<Marshal Expeditions>
49A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Ravasaur Runner49 - 50A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 25
Williden Marshal
<Marshal Expeditions>
48A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
A-Me 0148A HMechanicalUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Ravasaur48 - 49A HBeastUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 44
<Weapon Merchant>
45A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Hol'anyee Marshal
<Marshal Expeditions>
45A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Spark Nilminer
<Marshal Expeditions>
45A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Un'Goro Flame Keeper45A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.1.0 1
<Marshal Expeditions>
40A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Spraggle Frock
<Marshal Expeditions>
37A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 1
Bloodpetal Seed10A HUnspecifiedUn'Goro Crater4.0.1 42
Disgusting Oozeling5A HBattle PetSilithus1.11.1 4
Ravasaur Hatchling1A HBattle PetUn'Goro Crater3.2.0 1
Parrot1A HWild PetUn'Goro Crater5.0.1 77
Fire Beetle1A HCritterMount Hyjal1.11.1 195
Beetle1A HWild PetThe Cape of Stranglethorn5.0.1 181
Cockroach1A HWild PetVal'sharah5.0.1 180
Diemetradon Hatchling1A HWild PetUn'Goro Crater5.0.1 13
Snake1A HCritter Wailing Caverns1.11.1 1089
A-Me 021A HMechanicalUn'Goro Crater7.0.3 1
Krakle's Thermometer1A HCritter The Arcway1.11.1 6
Cockroach1A HCritterVal'sharah4.0.1 615
Long-tailed Mole1A HCritterThe Cape of Stranglethorn4.0.1 16
Parrot1A HCritterUn'Goro Crater1.11.1 332
Tree Python1A HCritterThe Cape of Stranglethorn4.0.3 137
Emerald Boa1A HCritterUldum4.0.1 69
Beetle1A HCritterFelwood1.11.1 1070
Spotted Bell Frog1A HCritterUn'Goro Crater4.0.1 27
Ash Lizard1A HCritterMount Hyjal4.0.1 35