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The Hinterlands
Quick Facts
The Hinterlands are both a center for the Wildhammer Dwarves to the west at Aerie Peak and the forest trolls to the east.

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Creatures (155)Quests (122)Fishing (15)Criteria of (1)Criteria of tree (1)
Zone spells (1)Subzones (22)Graveyards (4) Comments (New!) (70) Screenshots (New!) (82)
Videos (New!) (1)
The Hinterlands Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands2.4.0 1
Fraggar Thundermantle60A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoidBroken Shore1.11.1 2662
Elder Highpeak60A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.12.1 1
Jetwing60 - 110A HBeastThe Hinterlands5.4.2 1
Drakk Stonehand
<Leatherworking Trainer>
55A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Grella Stonefist
<General Goods>
55A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.12.1 1
Brannik Ironbelly
55A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.12.1 1
Ruppo Zipcoil
<Engineering Supplies>
52A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Gigget Zipcoil
<Trade Supplies>
52A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Great Shark50A HBeastTanaris1.11.1 9
<Leatherworking Supplies>
50A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Truk Wildbeard
50A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Revantusk Drummer50A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 3
Oran Snakewrithe50A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
49A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Mystic Yayo'jin
48A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Otho Moji'ko
<Cooking Supplies>
48A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
48A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Agnar Beastamer47A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Smith Slagtree
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
47A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Renn'az46A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Doran Steelwing45A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
The Hinterlands Flame Warden45A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands2.4.0 1
Howin Kindfeather45A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Huntsman Markhor
<Stable Master>
45A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Gilveradin Sunchaser45A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Gryphon Master Talonaxe44A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Rhapsody Shindigger44A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Crown Agent44 - 45A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands3.3.0 5
Claira Kindfeather43A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Homing Robot OOX-09/HL42A HMechanicalThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Katoom the Angler
<Fishing Trainer & Supplies>
42A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Midsummer Celebrant40 - 44A HHumanoidUldum1.11.1 405
Soaring Razorbeak40 - 42A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 2
Revantusk Watcher40A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 25
Wildhammer Sentry40A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 23
Hiri'watha Deathguard40A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 9
Dron Blastbrew35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Trained Razorbeak35A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 12
Gilda Cloudcaller35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Wildhammer Lookout35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Deathstalker Lookout35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Janice Winters
<General Goods>
35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Marvin Winters
<Mail Armor>
35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Roslyn Paxton
<Stable Master>
35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Sharpbeak35A HBeastThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Highvale Sentry35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 16
Kerr Ironsight35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
<The Venom Queen>
35A HBeastThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Kotonga35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Darkcleric Marnal35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Eliza Darkgrin
<Poisons & Reagents>
35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Primal Torntusk35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Ambassador Rualeth35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands2.2.0 1
Apothecary Surlis
<Royal Apothecary Society>
35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Elder Torntusk35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Malcom Fendelson35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Vilebranch Zealot34A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 10
Qiaga the Keeper34A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Deathstalker Invader34A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 25
Vilebranch Broodguard34A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 11
Cocooned Victim34A HUnspecifiedThe Hinterlands4.0.3 7
Shadraspawn Venomspitter34A HBeastThe Hinterlands4.0.3 15
David Kosse
<Master Pet Tamer>
34A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands5.0.3 1
Silvermane Wolf34 - 35A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 7
Vilebranch Axe Thrower34 - 35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 9
Zul'arek Hatefowler34A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Witherheart the Stalker34A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Vilebranch Scalper34 - 35A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 8
Razorbeak Skylord34 - 35A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 3
Razorbeak Gryphon33A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 6
Vilebranch Shadow Hunter33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 17
Anchorite Traska33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Vilebranch Hideskinner33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 16
Vilebranch Blood Drinker33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 28
Umboda Three-Heads33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Ongo'longo33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Vilebranch Soul Eater33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 17
Sacrificed Vilebranch33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.1 33
Morta'gya the Keeper33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Spawn of Shadra33A HBeastThe Hinterlands4.0.1 8
Vilebranch Aman'zasi Guard33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 2
Accursed Slitherblade33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 7
Retherokk the Berserker33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Tracker Yoro33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
<Revantusk General>
32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Thornar Thunderclash
<Wildhammer General>
32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Vilebranch Soothsayer32 - 33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 13
Vilebranch Raiding Wolf32 - 33A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 2
Savage Owlbeast32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 50
Silvermane Howler32 - 33A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 25
Vilebranch Wolf Pup32A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 12
Vilebranch Witch Doctor32 - 33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 15
The Direglob32A HAberrationThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Vilebranch Berserker32 - 33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 17
Vilebranch Headhunter32 - 33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 12
Vilebranch Shadowcaster32 - 33A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 9
Wildhammer Shaman32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 5
Revantusk Hexxer32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 7
Vicious Owlbeast31 - 32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 26
Silvermane Stalker31 - 32A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 38
Ironback31A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 5
The Reak31A HAberrationThe Hinterlands1.11.1 18
Primitive Owlbeast31 - 32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 33
Gammerita31A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Green Sludge31A HAberrationThe Hinterlands1.11.1 20
Jade Ooze31 - 32A HAberrationThe Hinterlands1.11.1 27
Wildhammer Warrior31 - 32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 17
Revantusk Stalker31 - 32A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 13
Killium Bouldertoe
<Stable Master>
30A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Azzere the Skyblade30A HBeastSouthern Barrens1.11.1 38
Ol' Muddle30 - 110A HBeastThe Hinterlands7.0.3 1
Mangy Silvermane30A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 19
Vilebranch Kidnapper30A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 3
Tathan Thunderstone
<Stable Master>
30A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Innkeeper Thulfram
30A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Old Cliff Jumper30A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 7
Saltwater Snapjaw30 - 31A HBeastThe Hinterlands1.11.1 81
Innkeeper Keirnan
30A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Grognard30A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Drywhisker Digger28 - 29A HHumanoidArathi Highlands1.11.1 13
Crown Lackey8 - 9A HHumanoidElwynn Forest3.3.0 44
Jade Oozeling5A HWild PetThe Hinterlands5.0.1 19
Lethon113A HDragonkinThe Hinterlands7.2.5 1
Shadra'Alor East Altar Bunny1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Summer Scorchling1A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms2.4.3 33
[DND] Midsummer Bonfire Faction Bunny - H1A HServer triggerDesolace2.4.3 29
Ongolongo's Left Shackle1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Deer1A HBeastElwynn Forest1.11.1 634
Cockroach1A HWild PetIcecrown5.0.1 258
Maggot1A HCritterThe Hinterlands1.11.1 23
Hare1A HWild PetDurotar5.0.1 150
Brown Marmot1A HWild PetHillsbrad Foothills5.0.1 114
Maggot1A HWild PetGhostlands5.0.1 286
Spider1A HCritter Icecrown Citadel1.11.1 694
Riding Raptor1 - 2A HBeastTanaris1.11.1 2
Festival Scorchling1A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms3.2.0 30
Romo's Half-Size Bunny1A HUnspecifiedFelwood4.0.1 39
Romo's Standard Bunny1A HServer triggerFelwood4.0.1 43
Akil'darah Credit Bunny1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Jintha'Alor Tiki Mask Fire Bunny1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands4.0.1 27
Ongolongo's Right Shackle1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands4.0.1 1
Shadra'Alor Northwest Altar Bunny1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Rat1A HCritter Alcaz Island1.11.1 1707
Shadra'Alor Southwest Altar Bunny1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Revantusk Troll Drums Buff Credit Bunny1A HServer triggerThe Hinterlands5.4.2 2
Chemical Wagon1A HUnspecifiedCrystalsong Forest5.2.0 16
Skittering Spiderling1A HBeastThe Hinterlands4.0.1 21
Kellen Kuhn
<Bat Handler>
110A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1
Revantusk Watcher110A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.6 1
Guthrum Thunderfist
<Gryphon Master>
110A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
<Wind Rider Master>
110A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.11.1 1
Brock Rockbeard
<Gryphon Master>
100 - 110A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands4.0.3 1