Players: 3400 (Record: 7117)
Uptime: 10h, 51m, 7s
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Quick Facts
Wintergrasp is a World PvP zone, similar to Tol Barad. It emphasizes siege weapon warfare--walls and towers are destroyed not by player damage, but by siege damage. Your siege engine amount is controlled by which workshops in the zone your faction owns.

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Creatures (57)Quests (28)Fishing (15)Zone spells (23)Zone auto spells (5)
Subzones (17)Graveyards (7) Comments (New!) (183) Screenshots (New!) (34) Videos (New!) (2)
Warsong Champion98A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 24
Sorceress Kaylana
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Stone Guard Mukar
<Wintergrasp Quartermaster>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Bowyer Randolph90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Primalist Mulfort90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Alterac Valley Portal90A HUnspecifiedWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Anchorite Tessa90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Commander Dardosh90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Eye of the Storm Portal90A HUnspecifiedWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Hoodoo Master Fu'jin
<Master Hexxer>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Strand of the Ancients Portal90A HUnspecifiedWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Warsong Gulch Portal90A HUnspecifiedWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Vieron Blazefeather90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Siegesmith Stronghoof90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Marshal Magruder
<Wintergrasp Quartermaster>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.3.2 1
Arzo Safeflight
<Flight Master>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Lieutenant Murp90A HUndeadWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Champion Ros'slai
<Wintergrasp Quartermaster>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.3.2 1
Herzo Safeflight
<Flight Master>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Siege Master Stouthandle90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Senior Demolitionist Legoso90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Goblin Mechanic
<Demolisher Engineer>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 6
Tactical Officer Kilrath90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Tactical Officer Ahbramis90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Morgan Day
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Taunka Spirit Guide90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 6
Gnomish Engineer
<Demolisher Engineer>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 6
Dwarven Spirit Guide90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 6
The RP-GG90A HUnspecifiedWintergrasp3.0.2 20
Commander Zanneth90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Knight Dameron
<Wintergrasp Quartermaster>
90A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 2
Valiance Expedition Champion88A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 41
Travis Day
<Legacy Weaponsmith>
81A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Horde Warbringer80A HHumanoidWintergrasp1.11.1 3
Wandering Shadow80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 44
Living Lasher80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 20
Arathi Basin Portal80A HUnspecifiedWintergrasp3.0.2 1
Glacial Spirit80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 71
Raging Flame80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 21
Whispering Wind80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 42
Mature Lasher80A HElementalWintergrasp3.1.0 10
Chilled Earth Elemental80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 54
Wintergrasp Control Arms80A HMechanicalWintergrasp3.0.1 6
Wintergrasp Detection Unit80A HServer triggerWintergrasp3.0.2 40
Elder Bluewolf80A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.8 1
Shadow Revenant80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 10
Flame Revenant80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 7
Tempest Revenant80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 7
Earthbound Revenant80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 15
Water Revenant80A HElementalWintergrasp3.0.2 27
Serinar's Presence74A HServer triggerWintergrasp3.0.1 1
World Trigger (Not Immune NPC)60A HServer trigger Throne of the Four Winds2.0.1 77
World Trigger60A HServer triggerIsle of Conquest2.0.12 101
World Trigger (Large AOI, Not Immune PC/NPC)60A HServer trigger 2.1.0 107
Invisible Stalker1A HServer triggerStormwind City1.12.1 185
Cinder Cloud1A HGas CloudWintergrasp3.0.2 12
Neltharion's Flame Fire Bunny1A HServer triggerDragonblight3.0.1 35