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Silverpine Forest
Quick Facts
Silverpine Forest borders Tirisfal Glades and Gilneas. As such, it is a zone constantly under fire in Cataclysm.

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Creatures (162)Quests (90)Fishing (55)Zone spells (36)Subzones (34)
Graveyards (5) Comments (New!) (41) Screenshots (New!) (49) Videos (New!) (1)
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
<Banshee Queen>
??A HBossSilverpine Forest4.0.1 2
Bat Handler Maggotbreath
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 2
Steven Stutzka
<Bat Handler>
100A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Karos Razok
<Bat Handler>
100A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Franny Mertz
<Bat Handler>
100A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
<Banshee Queen>
88A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
<Banshee Queen>
88A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
<Banshee Queen>
88A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Grand Executor Mortuus85A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
High Warlord Cromush85A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
High Warlord Cromush85A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Master Forteski
<The Horseman>
85A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Elder Obsidian60A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.12.1 1
Spirit Healer60A HHumanoid Scholomance1.11.1 768
Winter Reveler30 - 40A HHumanoidEversong Woods4.0.3 146
Innkeeper Bates
30A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Sarah Goode
<Stable Master>
30A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
High Executor Hadrec30A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Guillaume Sorouy
<Blacksmithing Trainer>
28A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Bee Bruxworthy
<Warlock Trainer>
25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Eugene Daller
<Warrior Trainer>
25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Dark Ranger25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 10
Angela Hipple
<Rogue Trainer>
25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Matt Bruxworthy
<Hunter Trainer>
25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
<Matt's Pet>
25A HBeastSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Deathguard Podrig25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Dreadguard25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 44
Silverpine Forest Flame Keeper25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest2.4.0 1
Commander Hickley
25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Dark Cleric Pordon
<Priest Trainer>
25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Thom Denger
<Mage Trainer>
25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Snapjaw22 - 23A HBeastHillsbrad Foothills1.11.1 77
Tiev Mordune22A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Mura Runetotem22A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Ambermill Spellscribe21A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Dalar Dawnweaver21A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Horde Hauler20A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.3 5
Advisor Sorrelon20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest2.2.0 1
Patrice Dwyer
<Poison Supplies>
20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Orc Demolisher20A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.1 7
Horde Coffin Hauler20A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.1 4
Harris Franklin
<General Goods>
20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.6 1
Horde Cannon20A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.3 3
Nadia Vernon
20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Thule Ravenclaw20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Shadow Priest Allister20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
<Enchanting Supplies>
19A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Wallace the Blind
19A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Johan Focht
<Mining Trainer>
19A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Andrew Hilbert
<Trade Supplies>
19A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Lost Son of Arugal19A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Leo Sarn
<Enchanting Supplies>
18A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Alexandre Lefevre
<Leather Armor Merchant>
18A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Sebastian Meloche
18A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Andrea Boynton
18 - 20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Ambermill Phase 002 Event Generator18A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Marsh Crocolisk18 - 19A HBeastSilverpine Forest4.0.1 24
Effritus18A HUndeadSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Deathstalker Commander Belmont18A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Abomination18 - 19A HUndeadSilverpine Forest4.0.1 8
Edwin Harly
<General Supplies>
18 - 20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Killian Sanatha
18 - 20A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Inconspicuous Bear17 - 18A HBeastSilverpine Forest4.0.1 29
Ambermill Portal Guardian17 - 18A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 11
Forsaken Trooper17 - 18A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 8
Forsaken Trooper17 - 18A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 16
Gwyn Farrow
<Mushroom Merchant>
16A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Elemental Servitor16 - 17A HElementalSilverpine Forest4.0.1 39
Crown Thug16 - 17A HHumanoidDarkshore3.3.0 25
Aquarius the Unbound16A HElementalSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Ambermill Brewmaster16A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Ambermill Miner16A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Horde Engineer15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 3
Daschla15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Subdued Forest Ettin15A HGiantSilverpine Forest4.0.1 4
Lake Frenzy15 - 16A HBeastHillsbrad Foothills1.11.1 21
Forsaken Catapult15A HMechanicalSilverpine Forest4.0.1 19
Forsaken Trooper15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 15
Horde Engineer15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 5
Subdued Forest Ettin15A HGiantSilverpine Forest4.0.3 5
Admiral Hatchet15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Hand of Ravenclaw15 - 16A HUndeadSilverpine Forest1.11.1 2
Coffins15A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.1 9
Fenwick Thatros15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Agatha15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Agatha15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Reef Shark15A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 8
Daschla15A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Reef Frenzy14 - 15A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 92
Old Vicejaw14A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Berard the Moon-Crazed14A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Lost Gilnean Wardog14A HBeastSilverpine Forest5.2.0 2
Warlord Torok14A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
High Apothecary Shana T'veen14A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Apothecary Renferrel
<Royal Apothecary Society>
14A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
"Salty" Gorgar
<General Goods>
14A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
"Salty" Rocka
<Stable Master>
14A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Skitterweb Matriarch13A HBeastSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Caretaker Smithers13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Darktusk Boar13A HBeastSilverpine Forest4.0.3 23
Apothecary Wormcrud13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Astor Hadren13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
<The Mad Hunter>
13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Forest Ettin13A HGiantSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Fallen Human13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 5
Fallen Human13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 6
Hillsbrad Refugee12 - 13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 14
Armoire12A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Bloodfang Stalker12 - 13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 24
Krethis the Shadowspinner12A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Orc Sea Dog12 - 13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 22
Veteran Forsaken Trooper12 - 13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 8
Hillsbrad Worgen12 - 13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 12
Hillsbrad Worgen12 - 13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 17
Apothecary Witherbloom12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Apothecary Marry
<Trade Supplies>
12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Apothecary Harrington
<General Goods>
12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Hillsbrad Refugee12 - 13A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 16
Rabid Worg11A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 96
Vile Fin Tidehunter11 - 12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 72
Vile Fin Oracle11A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 8
Vile Fin Tidehunter11 - 12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 9
Skitterweb Striker11 - 12A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 9
Skitterweb Lurker11 - 12A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 24
Nightlash11A HUndeadSilverpine Forest4.0.1 1
Giant Rabid Bear11 - 12A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 104
Bloodfang Scavenger11 - 12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 20
Bloodfang Scavenger11 - 12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 16
Forsaken Trooper10 - 12A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 10
Ferocious Grizzled Bear10 - 11A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 18
Orc Sea Dog10 - 14A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 20
Vile Fin Oracle10 - 11A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.11.1 109
Forsaken Trooper10 - 11A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 25
Forsaken Trooper10 - 11A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 17
Worgen Renegade
<Gilneas Liberation Front>
10 - 11A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.1 30
Forsaken Apothecary10 - 11A HHumanoidTirisfal Glades4.0.1 22
Gorefang10A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 1
Worg9 - 10A HBeastSilverpine Forest1.11.1 28
Infected Fawn5A HWild PetBloodmyst Isle5.0.1 132
Infected Deer5A HBeastHillsbrad Foothills1.11.1 53
Toad1A HCritterGilneas1.11.1 100
Armoire1A HUnspecified 4.0.3 4
Snake1A HCritter Wailing Caverns1.11.1 1089
Skitterweb Invisible Stalker1A HCritterSilverpine Forest4.0.3 6
Undercity Rat1A HCritterTirisfal Glades4.0.1 35
Corpse-Fed Rat1A HCritterSilverpine Forest4.0.3 3
Ambermill Dimensional Portal1A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Chemical Wagon1A HServer triggerCrystalsong Forest5.2.0 19
Lord Godfrey1A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Deathguard Elite1A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest4.0.6 1
North Tide's Invisible Stalker1A HServer triggerSilverpine Forest4.0.3 52
North Tide's Invisible Stalker (Large)1A HServer triggerSilverpine Forest4.0.3 23
Blighted Squirrel1A HWild PetSilverpine Forest5.0.1 39
Mutant Bush Chicken1A HCritterSilverpine Forest4.0.3 1
Infected Squirrel1A HCritterBroken Shore1.11.1 196
Invisible Trigger One1A HServer triggerSilverpine Forest 15
Rabbit1A HCritterElwynn Forest1.11.1 1059
Webbed Victim1A HUnspecifiedSilverpine Forest4.0.3 13
Invisible Trigger One1A HServer triggerSilverpine Forest 15
Deer1A HBeastGilneas1.11.1 659
Rat1A HCritterGilneas1.11.1 3024
Squirrel1A HCritterGilneas1.11.1 3028