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Cataclysm tutorials here / Mists of Pandaria tutorials here

Tutorial / GuideShort descriptionLanguageAuthor
I'm 80. What now?Things you can do after you reached level cap / Kirov
Leveling 1-80 (Alliance)How to level your char till level 80Braveheart
Leveling 1-80 (Alliance, detailed)How to level your char till level 80 (detailed)Apathy
Leveling 1-80 (Alliance, full)How to level your char till level 80 (complete)Braveheart
Leveling 1-80 (Horde)How to level your char till level 80 / Dazz
Leveling 1-80 (Horde, full)How to level your char till level 80 (complete) / myt42xxx
Leveling a Death KnightHow to level your Death Knight till level 69 / cobrel

Tutorial / GuideShort descriptionLanguageAuthor
Death Knight - Frost PvEHow to play a frost death knight in PvESetemotion
Death Knight - PvE, TankHow to play a death knight as tank in PvESetemotion
Death Knight - PvPMacros, talents, addons, tips and tricks for PvPSetemotion
Death Knight - Unholy PvEHow to play an unholy death knight in PvEicsu
Death Knight - Unholy PvE (complex)How to play an unholy death knight in PvE (complex)Setemotion
Druid - Balance PVEHow to play a balance druid in PvE / cobrel
Druid - Feral PvE, TankHow to play a feral druid in PvE as tankzeoos
Druid - Feral PvP (Burst damage)How to burst damage with a feral druid in PvPcrousby
Druid - Restoration PVEHow to play a restoration druid in PvE / cobrel
Druid - Restoration PvPHow to play a restoration druid in PvPSetemotion
Hunter - Marksmanship PvEHow to play a marksmanship hunter in PvE / Alexander0810
Hunter - Marksmanship PvE (complete)How to play a marksmanship hunter in PvE (complete)art.work
Mage - Frost Fire PvPHow to play a frost-fire mage in PvPmyt42xxx
Mage - Frost PvPHow to play a frost mage in PvPCiubique
Paladin - Holy PvPHow to play a holy paladin in PvPMorphinG
Paladin - Retribution PvEHow to play a retribution paladin in PvEsunsorrow
Paladin - Retribution PvPHow to play a retribution paladin in PvPrhapso
Priest - Holy PvEHow to play a holy priest in PvEhetealx
Priest - ShadowHow to play a shadow priestBraveheart
Rogue - Assassination PvEHow to play an assassination rogue in PvEVilly
Shaman - completeHow to play a shamansundaysfantasy
Shaman - Enhancement PvEHow to play a PvE enhancement shamanDazz
Shaman - Enhancement PvPHow to play a PvP ehnancement shamanNIXXON
Warlock - Demo / Destro PvEHow to play demonology - destruction warlock in PvEZohlomg
Warlock - PvEHow to play a warlock in PvE / oMSQo
Warlock - PvPHow to play a warlock in PvPBraveheart
WarriorHow to play a warriorthenewbye911
Warrior - Fury, DPSHow to play Fury warrior and get highest DPSSovereign
Warrior - PvPHow to play a warrior in PvPSetemotion

Tutorial / GuideShort descriptionLanguageAuthor
Cooking and FishingHow to achieve 450 at Cooking and Fishing easily[email protected]
Enchanting 0 - 450How to achieve 450 at Enchanting easily / Shupskin
Gold from professionsVarious professions explained + gold guidesDeadBeat
Mining 0 - 450How to achieve 450 at Mining easilyvrazvan
Profession typesProfessions list with explanations[email protected]

PvE Raids:
Tutorial / GuideShort descriptionLanguageAuthor
Blood Prince Council 25 HCBlood Prince Council 25 HC, videocobrel
Blood-Queen Lana'Thel 25HCBlood-Queen Lana'Thel 25HC + videocobrel
Deathbringer Saurfang 25 HCDeathbringer Saurfang 25 HC + videocobrel
Easy raiding guideIcecrown Citadel & Ruby Sanctum raiding guidesundaysfantasy
Festergut 25HCFestergut 25HC + videocobrel
Lady Deathwhisper 25 HCLady Deathwhisper 25 HC + videocobrel
Lord Marrowgar 25HCLord Marrowgar 25HC + videocobrel
Professor Putricide 25HCProfessor Putricide 25HC + videocobrel
Rotface 25HCRotface 25HC + videocobrel
Sindragosa 25 HCSindragosa 25 HC + videocobrel
The Obsidian Sanctum (Hard Mode)How to defeat SartharionThunderSS

Tutorial / GuideShort descriptionLanguageAuthor
Northrend reputations to ExaltedHow to raise your Northrend reputations to exalted / myt42xxx
Sons of Hodir to ExaltedHow to raise your reputation with Sons of Hodir to exaltedBraveheart

Achievements & Quests:
Tutorial / GuideShort descriptionLanguageAuthor
Dreadsteed of XorothStep by step for completing the achievementZohl
To All The Squirrel's I've Loved BeforeStep by step for completing the achievementKirov
Well ReadStep by step for completing the achievementhotaro

Tutorial / GuideShort descriptionLanguageAuthor
/who commandHow to use the /who commandBraveheart
Arena for beginnersHow to play/what to do in arenasBraveheart
BattlegroundsHow to play & win in battlegroundsBraveheart
FPS / MS SettingsSettings to increase FPS and decrease MSSetemotion
How to find WoW AddonsHow to find WoW Addons for your version / art.work
How to set your bindsHow to set your bindsBraveheart
How to stream with XfireCum sa faci stream cu Xfire si sa il incluzi in FreakzXh3lar
Multiple realmsEasily switch between realms before launching WoW / myt42xxx
Patch your WoW to 3.3.5aHow to patch your WoW client to have the 3.3.5a patch / Dazz
What is an addon and how to use itGeneral informations about addonsYapiz
WintergraspHow to win WintergraspMelfy
WoW AbbreviationsDon't know what AFK, WTB, LFM, FFA means? Complete list here / Braveheart

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