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By Blued on 23 Oct 2010 (Patch 4.0.1 )

Pre-lvl 60..
In the old PvP Honor System, players could earn ranks that gave them access to better items.

With Patch 2.0, the old system has been replaced with the new PvP Honor System and the PvP Arena System.

The Arena System still rewards players with new titles, but the new Honor System does not.

The old title and rank system has become obsolete, but players who earned ranks prior to Patch 2.0 can still display their lifetime highest rank.

Via: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/pvp/ranks.html

By LoKHor on 28 Jun 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

I still sometimes break out my title for the sake of nostalgia. I was pretty proud back in the day of having achieved this rank. But the old PvP system was very restrictive. Since you were competing against everyone else on your realm, those who ranked up were simply the people who stayed logged in the longest; not the people with the most PvP skill.

The game really has evolved a lot on the PvP front. It may never compare to PVP-oriented MMOs, but WoW's PvP has enough in it for most who desire working as a team to conquer living, breathing opponents.