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REALM: Felsong   (change to )

<Name>, Legend of Pandaria
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Quick Facts
  • Added in 6.0.2

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By HolyHarren on 19 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

You get this title by getting Chapter V: Judgment of the Black Prince prior to wod launching ( and you cant get it after that )
it will be awarded retroactively
Sorry for bad english

By madara666 on 19 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

oh damn, that title sounds cool loved the lessons of the Celestials <3
By paul1ca on 19 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

So if I already have the legendary cloak but I've been inactive in wow for the last 6 months would I still get the title when I'll return playing in WOD ?
By boniu on 19 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

@paul1ca - Yes, you'll get a title
By fulcom on 24 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Will the title be account wide?
By Ocyla on 24 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

Yes, it's account wide. My priest has the cloak but my druid who does not, has the title.

By Romire on 20 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Oh cool, another title to my list!

I am Romire, Legend of Pandaria, my story will be told to all acrosss pandaria!

*25 years later*

Old Romire: Kids....did i ever tell you the time i saved pandaria?
Kids: YES! We've heard it a thousand times, you helped Thrall beat up a orc name garrosh and saved Pandaria, WE KNOW!
Old Romire: Sigh, i miss those days!

By BRNKNG on 17 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

The best part of the story is recounting the Test of Valor.

By zhake132 on 21 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Pandanipple, Legend of Pandaria

I like that.

By zackdesot on 16 Nov 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

This title, like the Scarab Lord and Hand of A'dal titles, is no longer available in game. It has been removed since the release of Warlords of Draenor two days ago. This article should be updated to reflect this fact.

By Zeifos on 21 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

This title will be given to everyone who has completed the legendary cloak-questline before the release of WoD.

Yes, this title is account wide.

By Eyzen on 23 Dec 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

Got the cloak but didn't do the final judgement quest, guess there's no way to obrain it now even though you obtained legendary cloak in MoP?

By firehawk2324 on 07 Nov 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

I had the quest to kill Garrosh before the patch, and killed him tonight. It did, in fact, reward the title. If you still have the quest, don't drop it!

By Enyara on 05 Jan 2015 (Patch 6.0.3 )

Do you still have the quest by any chance? Or did you drop it after your achievement? Actually I'm on EU servers and I don't know if a cross-realm grouping with US servs to share a quest could work but well... though I don't know if you'd bother. I had the quest as well, but had to stop playing for a while. When I logged back, the quest wasn't in my list anymore. :/

By Whitewuff on 06 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Well, is it only obtained if you done the needed things BEFORE the prepatch, or can you still receive it when you finish it during the prepatch? Huh~

By CrockettMaster on 03 Jan 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

This has got to be my favorite title for monks.

By Sunbae on 21 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

I really enjoyed Mists of Pandaria. A little sad because I know that there could have been so much more to it. Like Shen-zin Su returning to Pandaria one last time. Dailies were tasking at first, and it really made you go out into the world and see it. We'll never see an expansion like this one again. I am excited for Draenor, but even Wrath didn't get me all worked up about leaving an expansion.

By schnizol on 31 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

I completed the final Wrathion achievement today but I don't have the title... was it removed for people who completed it after the pre-patch?

By MetalGenocide on 19 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Nice title But will it be account-wide or only on the characters that have the cloak?
Edit: Quick facts have been updated since posting

By Maelynn on 20 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

The Quick Facts section in the top right corner states it's account-wide.
By lokomoma on 05 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

it is account wide on latest beta build so i think it will be

By Rikkz on 15 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

I received this title on a live server automatically at the launch of 6.0.2 for the chapter 5 black prince achievement i did earlier in MoP.

By Polemist on 19 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Probably it will change into a Feats of Strenght.

By mastergame5 on 20 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Lol my name would be stupidbutt, legend of pandaria xD

By lokomoma on 29 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

this one is going to be so cool on my
destuction lock

Hirosimha. Legend of Pandaria

By Sarthorius on 19 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

As you can read on its tooltip, yes, its account-wide.