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<Name> the Indomitable
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  • Added in 6.0.1

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By koochulu on 02 May 2015 (Patch 6.2.0 )

Fairly certain that while WoD is current, the Indomitable is only for the character that earned it.

Yep, just checked. My hunter has the achievement/title and my alts don't. Will likely go account wide once the expansion is over just like Undaunted.

By mojo26 on 03 Mar 2017 (Patch 7.2.0 )

As we are now into Legion I can confirm that the title does NOT go account wide. Only available on the character that has earned it.
By Pgans94 on 10 Mar 2017 (Patch 7.2.0 )

@Mojo, which is silly as Wowhead considers it a BoA title.

By Wuatdah on 29 Aug 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Blizz, please make this account wide, I wanna rock this title on a few of my toons.

By Sambu on 11 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

On PTR, currently it's the reward for completing the new WoD Bronze challenges, specifically [achievement=8897 domain=wod]/challenge-warlord-bronze

By zGruBz on 30 Aug 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Been waiting for the "Indomitable" title to become account-wide for months now, thought it would be account-wide during the pre-patch, sadly not. Now that Legion has launched, I assumed it would be available! however, the title is still not usable on other toons I believe it should be as the "Undaunted" title from Mists' challenge modes went account-wide, so WoD should too. As should Legions.

UPDATE: I contacted support about this and this is what they said: "I've looked into this and while many were under the impression this title was account wide, it is still only being applied to characters that did the achievement. I don't have an update for you but i'd suggest keeping an eye on the wowhead comment page to see if this changes anytime. Sorry about any inconvenience this causes you, I know it's annoying when you work hard for a title and can't share it with everyone."

It looks like the title won't become account-wide now, or anytime soon

By eatMagnetic on 29 Jun 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

With the current patch, is it still not Account-wide?
Will it be most likely as soon as the pre-patch arrives or when Legion will be released?

E: Seems like not. I'd really like to use the title on toons, but oh well, heres hope to the pre-patch!

By JustikaD on 15 Jul 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

I'm on the Legion beta right now and the title is still not account wide.
By eatMagnetic on 20 Jul 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

yea, seems like it's either coming with legion release, or never :/