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REALM: Felsong   (change to )

<Name>, Southshore Slayer
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  • Added in 6.0.1

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By TrashQueen on 25 Nov 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

Getting the achievement on a horde or alliance character will award the respective title for all of your characters.

This title is account wide, but can only be used on a level 90+ character. If you level a character up to 90 it becomes available on them too.

By RoboArtist on 24 Nov 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

Does the title/achievement convert or do they have to be earned separately?

edit: it converts

By Nynaeve on 03 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Your reward for the Achievement, Victory in Hillsbrad .
The Alliance title, "Tarren Mill Terror" comes from Victory in Hillsbrad .

From the Official Blog:

A win will gain you a shiny new title: either Tarren Mill Terror for the Alliance or Southshore Slayer for the Horde.
The blog seems to indicate that Southshore Slayer will be the Horde Title, and Tarren Mill Terror the Alliance Title, the opposite of how the datamining originally showed the awards.

By Tempestarii on 10 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

According to a recent news post, this is actually the Horde Title. Tarren Mill Terror is the title for the Alliance.
Makes more sense, anyways, since "Slayer" doesn't really sound like an Alliance title to me.

By NinjaLooterLoveU on 12 Jan 2015 (Patch 6.1.0 )

That's too cute for Alliance. 'Slayer' is not possible. It's bad handwriting. Let me try to read it, it's SL-SL, I can almost make it out. OH! Alliance Slumber Party! yep.

By NinjaLooterLoveU on 12 Jan 2015 (Patch 6.1.0 )

The fighting was never big at Southshore. Horde to the Zep go Grom Gol and wend up the river to Red Ridge Mountains. It costs the alliance fp money to get there to stop the horde who were already gank'n noobs left & right. Southshore & Taurenmill was meh. Not even a thing. I don't think we ever went there to pvp. Many many many Horde took a summons to Red Ridge Mountains, and it even sounded good because we painted the hills red with their blood. Alliance were scared of the place, and it was THIER map. /flex