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REALM: Felsong   (change to )

<Name> the Proven Defender
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  • Added in 5.4.0

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By Santhrassan on 13 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix1 )

Best tip for those who's trying to achieve this great tittle: build changing and cup of coffee do miracles!

By Tunasaladin on 11 Oct 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix2 )

Hello friends! I just wanted to point out that this title, along with the Healer and DPS versions are indeed account-wide which means you're able to wear a title on a character incapable of having a certain role spec. In this case, you're able to wear your Proven Defender title on a Mage, for example. Have fun playing around with this

By lovelywaz on 25 May 2015 (Patch 6.2.0 )

Mages can tank, they are NOT incapable of tanking. This title fits them well.
By Nashoto on 16 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

mages actually were the onlyh tank you could use on Krosh Firehand until well geared unholy dks could tank tiln everything got nuked. Spellsteal the shield, heal me please, I'm MT for KRosh Firehand (Nyhm in M.A.G.E.) anyone else weas incinerated by Krosh Firehand's shield
By Nashoto on 16 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Soi I vote all mages who tanked Krosh Firehand when he was mcurrent content wear this if they can.

By Rhoar on 08 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

I would like to share some Paladin specific advice:

Use Blinding Light + Speed of Light (or Nitro Boosts) to create some distance between you and mobs.

Bubble off the Chomp debuff from the Vermin or bubble through the Conqueror`s stun.

You can create some breathing room with no incoming damage to yourself or Sikari by using Divine Shield and BoPing Sikari.

Do not be afraid to let Sikari tank a mob every now and then. You can reduce her damage taken with Hand of Sacrifice and heal her with EF, LoH, or FoL.

Salving Sikari can help when kiting, especially Wave 9.

Use Holy Avenger + Avenging Wrath to zerg down Vermin in Wave 2, a Windguard in Wave 6, and to survive Wave 9. Wave 6 becomes considerably easier with only 2 Windguards.

Don`t forget Devotion Aura if you cannot interrupt a Flamecaller.

On-use trinkets can smooth out damage intake between defensive CDs. I personally love the Relic of Niuzao, which gives about 8.5% dodge chance scaled down.

Use Hand of Freedom with the Ambushers to avoid their slow.

Using add-ons like Moveable Holy Power and Power Auras to track Holy Power, Bastion of Glory stacks, and Eternal Flame greatly improves quality of life. Even Healbot can help to quickly place heals/buffs on Sikari.

When a Conqueror enrages, stun the other mob to reduce damage intake.

By Nashoto on 16 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

I don't have to heal Sikari. My 20% leechy for 15 every 30 makes the woman into a self hjealing disc.

By testablewalnut on 22 Apr 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

Still obtainable as of patch 7.2. I just got it on my Brewmaster.

By ryttge on 19 Mar 2014 (Patch 5.4.7 )

This title is somwehat bugged, it from time to time wears of and changes to "the Argent Champion" for me and i have to reselect it. Not really sure why.

The achievement itself is also bugged and it can't be linked. Will say "Achievement in progress by name"

By Hellcat on 25 Mar 2014 (Patch 5.4.7 )

If you are doing Paragons of the Klaxxi and getting one of their temporary titles, after you lose it, you will get first title from the list, The Argent Champion, you have to manually choise the one you want.

By Neospyder on 26 Apr 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Guardian Druid for WoD,

Get Familiar with the waves to know where all spawn points are and when. Mark them to make everything a lbit easier. I use Savage Defense and Frenzied Regeneration when needed during the entire fight. Always target the same add as Sikari to get them down faster & lessen your damage intake. I always meet mobs at their spawn point. Helps establish aggro early, help Sikari target the add I want her to and if I mess up, I have time to grab it before it reaches her. During Wind Guard encounters I will move next to Sikari to be able to grab them off her easier. First 5 waves are easy to me, last 5 are the harder ones.

Food: Lukewarm Yak Roast Broth (Which you can buy inside the instance)

Flask: Greater Draenic Stamina Flask

Enchantments: Weapon: Mark of Blackrock, Ring x2/Cloak/Neck: Gift of Mastery

Trinkets: Stoneheart Idol and Chipped Soul Prism

Talents: Feline Swiftness, Ysera’s Gift, Typhoon, Incarnation: Son of Ursoc, Mighty Bash, Dream of Cenarius, Guardian of Elune

Glyphs: Maul, Faerie Fire, Barkskin

Wave 1: Target the ripper for about 10 secs, then switch to the wind guard for wing blast, skull bash back in then go back on the ripper. Once ripper is down move to the next spawn point. Wind guard will be down before next wave.

Wave 2: Target a middle large forager, Thrash & Maul to establish aggro on all of them. Use savage defense back to back. After about 5 secs start taking them to the ambusher spawn point. Once spawned, target and get aggro then pop stampeding roar and run on the outside circle counter clockwise, you should be reaching the second spawn point right when the next ambusher enters. Target that one and just keep running around. Use savage defense and frenzied regeneration when needed. Once all dead move to wave 1 spawn point.

Wave 3: Thrash first when spawned, then mighty bash the flamecaller. Move towards Sikari to pick up the other ripper, target the second flamecaller, skull bash him. Run a few stess behind him, turn around and typhoon them all. Should be landing in fire. Target one of the rippers. By this time the other flamecaller should be casting his fire. Move rippers in new fire or avoid it. Let Sikari take care of the flamecallers while you focus on the rippers. Once all of them are down move to next spawn point with your back facing Sikari. Should have 10-20 secs to breath before next wave.

Wave 4: Target conqueror with maul/thrash to get aggro also on the wind guard and start walking backwards. Once the conqueror cast powerful slam it won’t reach you and target the wind guard. By the time it casts wing blast it will put you at the next spawn point and counqueror enrages. Pop savage defense or frenzied regeneration and retarget the conqueror. Ambusher will spawn just maul/thrash for aggro. Once conqueror is down target ambusher (you can chose what dies next to what you target, Sikari will target what you chose here). Then start waking to the next spawn point. Ambusher will be dead once next wave starts. Taunt wind guard when needed.

Wave 5: Target flamecaller, maul/thrash then mighty bash. Now back on the wind guard until the ambusher spawns then taunt him and move the mob to his spawn point. Take down the wind guard then on the ambushers as they spawn. Ripper and flamercaller should be down by now. Once the last one spawns do 4 hits to it then move to the next spawn point to be ready.

Wave 6: Position yourself between Sikari and the left wind guard. entangling root left as soon as it spawns, back to bear form and target center wind guard on Sikari. Pop incarnation, berserking (troll) & berserk and burn it down. Thrash first then back and forth maul/mangle until your cd runs out. Frenzied regeneration when needed. You will have center down right before left escapes. Once left reaches Sikari mighty bash him then focus on right wind guard until about 7-5 seconds left and move them to the next spawn point.

Wave 7: Target conqueror and thrash/maul to establish aggro on them all, then back on right wind guard and pop savage defense, barkskin and survival instincts since you have 7 adds on you at once. Once cd wars off and damage is too much. Stampeding roar and kite them around the room, taunting left wind guard when needed. Once it is just the wind guard and conqueror move to the next spawn point.

Wave 8: Target flamecaller, mighty bash and typhoon. Conqueror and wind guard should be down by now and stay at the edge of the barriers taunting ambusher as they spawn. Stay there until the last one spawns, move towards him getting aggro and move the rest to the next spawn point. 1-2 will still be up when the next wave starts.

Wave 9: Spam maul/thrash to get aggro on all of them, pop everything! Savage defense, barkskin, survival instincts, might have to wait a few secs of the others to come off cd but then incarnation, berserking and berserk. Once ambusher down target wind guards. Taunt back when wing blast hits and ambusher spawns. Again once all cd are down and you start taking big damage stampeding roar around the room/dash if you cant get away fast enough. Pick up wind guards in the middle if needed by running through them on Sikari. All adds will be down before next wave.

Wave 10: Move up and target flamecaller, maul/thrash for aggro conqueror. Mighty bash flamecaller and should be down right when conqueror enrages and ambusher spawns. Savage defense/frenzied regeneration when needed. Taunt ambusher off Sikari and down them both. DONE. Rinse and Repeat.

By jaydewey on 17 Jul 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Thanks!!! As a totally new player with guardian druid this provide me the talent/glyph setup that manage to do 30 endless some days before the Legion prepatch.

By Chuupag on 14 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Was this title removed? I am no longer seeing it in my list.

Nvm Celestalon said it's a bug.