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REALM: Felsong   (change to )

<Name> the Bloodseeker
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  • Added in 5.4.0

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By m4gic on 17 Nov 2013 (Patch 5.4.2 )

This would be better as a permanent title.

By remikskr on 16 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix1 )

This title can be earned by taking the Bloodthirsty buff from the corpse of Skeer the Bloodseeker during Paragons of the Klaxxi encounter in Siege of Orgrimmar raid. The title lasts for one hour after defeating the boss.

By Neptuno on 26 Oct 2013 (Patch 5.4.1 )

This buff also appears to increase your size.

By wouren11 on 07 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

I just recieved this title afther clicking the dead body of ''Skeer the Bloodseeker'' during the ''Paragons of the Klaxxi'' encounter (13th encounter in the SoO raid) on the PTR (LFR). Afther we wiped I lost the title again.

By polaski4life on 24 Oct 2015 (Patch 6.2.3 )

The flayed twins guide me...

By Dragonx09 on 10 Jul 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

could be a pvp achievment title?