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REALM: Felsong   (change to )

<Name>, the Bloodthirsty
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  • Added in 4.0.3

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By Hamstnerd on 27 Aug 2011 (Patch 4.2.0 )

, The Bloodthirsty

By pezente7 on 10 Dec 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

That guy may be a monster but have a terrible taste for transmog

By slyfly on 20 Sep 2010 (Patch 3.3.5 )

This is obtained by getting 250,000 honorable kills.

Your honorable kills can be seen on the statistics tab under kills in the achievement window.

/sigh A definite time killer and in my opinion a time waster. Loads and loads of hours of playtime in battlegrounds for words next to your name, and then the occasional small praise/compliments from others you might get from having the title followed by a person telling you "that title isnt hard to get, just takes time" and using the title as an insult for a lack of skill required to obtain this achievement as an excuse for themselves for losing duels against the person with the title.

Unless you are botting for this, this takes some serious dedication and lots of skill will be gained along the way to getting this title. People who earned this achievement without a doubt would find many ways of streamlining maximum honor along the way and applying them which would save lots of time in the long run. Much will be learned if accomplished. Good luck to all attempts and joyfulness to all who succeed!

By koutsodemonas on 08 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

but honestly, its true, its just grinding! nothing hard, just BORING!try getting a realm first achievment, that needs speed and skill
By FireHazard on 17 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Lavish your 'occasional small praise/compliments' upon me http://i.imgur.com/qnYqxFT.jpg?1
By Melilithia on 10 Mar 2016 (Patch 6.2.4 )

Pfft, I just want this title for RP purposes. PvP skill be damned.

By Aarod on 04 Dec 2010 (Patch 4.0.3 )

Earned every kill , no afks. just got my 250k kills today, finished it off in The Valley of Heros in SW.

By golothgor on 24 Dec 2010 (Patch 4.0.3 )

What a fitting place!
By Barlion on 23 Dec 2012 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Earned every kill? Doubt that because all you have to do is be in the vicinity of a player that makes a kill to get the HK. You can sit at the blacksmith in Arathi the whole BG and come out with 80HK's at the least.
By ChaoStar on 23 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

@Barlion What he means is that he was participating in the battle, instead of just sitting around the area.
By BlueRobe on 26 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

I think the range for receiving an HK has been reduced. I used to be able to guard BS in AB and receive HKs from the fights at Farm/LM/St/GM, but this seems to have dramatically reduced lately.
By ZanyRock on 16 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix1 )

@barlion, what a hater thing to say, can u just respect the hustle dedication, grind and enormous amount of patience.

By aliandren on 12 Oct 2010 (Patch 4.0.1 )

/sigh A definite time killer and in my opinion a time waster. Loads and loads of hours of playtime in battlegrounds for words next to your name, and then the occasional small praise/compliments from others you might get from having the title followed by a person telling you "that title isnt hard to get, just takes time" and using the title as an insult for a lack of skill required to obtain this achievement as an excuse for themselves for losing duels against the person with the title.
Over 280k already on my feral druid. This is what happens when you dedicate your play time to one character and PvP.
Jan 05->Jan 07: 130,000 HK's
Jan 07->Sept 08: 60,000 HK's
Feb 09->Oct 10: 92,000 HK's
If you're not heavily into PvP or you are an altoholic you will not get this achievement easily. There is nothing wrong with that.

By SageDarkfire on 31 Aug 2012 (Patch 5.0.4 )

Now that honor kills are account shared, altaholics stand best chance of getting it before a dedicated pvper in my opinion. Every time I level an alt I stop at the last 2 levels of a bracket to have some fun. Especially 78 - 80 with full cata blues / greens. A lv. 10 - 14 hunter with full boa will rack up 20 or 30 kills a match easily.
By ZanyRock on 24 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix2 )

i must be the altoholic.....got 11 wish we could get 12. im missing 1 set. kinda like spending alotta time with em individually. kinda helps me when I play against a class im very familiar with also. im kinda noob, altos frowned on....lol........is bloodthirsty altos considered cheap. still alotta pvp...... A LOT! and every1 I play against is as geared as me.

By Theodicus on 22 Sep 2010 (Patch 3.3.5 )

Awwww man, I just got my 100,000 Honorable Kills title a little while ago. It took me 2 different battlegroups to get this done finally. With lots of patience and many aggravating losses due to other clueless players; I managed to grind it out for the title.

"Now there is yet another goal that is but a mere fingertip's reach from my attainment. Cursed are the beings that mock our petty battleground squabbles for their own fetid pleasurable endless purpose. I shall dash my weapon uponthe ground and drink the life of the enemy with my own hands!"
~ Theodicus of the Alliance

By StealthyAssassin on 18 Feb 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

The only title with Big T in "The" so pretty unique^^ and not to say title is Legendary.

By Zancoth on 27 Feb 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

Arlor, you misunderstood. What StealthyAssassin meant was that "The Bloodthirsty" is the only title that has a capital letter "T" in the word "The".

By Hamstnerd on 20 Sep 2010 (Patch 3.3.5 )

Wow, that's a lot of kills.

By Voljaa on 16 Jan 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

Am I wrong or should this really have a comma? " the Bloodthirsty" looks correct to me.

By JASP01 on 16 Jan 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

Agreed. Either way, still awesome.
By Utopiantos on 28 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix2 )

If you mean grammatically, both are actually correct.

By JASP01 on 16 Jan 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

Basically, as discussed in a forum post I created here http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=180207&p=2487214#p2487214, narrowed it down to this:
-Do AV and go AoE heavy while surviving as long as you can as much as possible
-Do random BG's when bored of AV
-Do NOT do arenas
-If in AB, defending BS might be smart.

By Kataclysia on 05 Jan 2014 (Patch 5.4.2 )

With 100,000 honorable kills you are rewarded with a title of honor and pride...

At 250,000 honorable kills you are considered to be a bloodthirsty lunatic...

What is next 500,000 honorable kills the Mass Murderer?

By gagfinder on 22 Mar 2015 (Patch 6.1.2 )

Nah a statistician.

By avsolar on 19 Oct 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Don't ever, ever, move your toon when you get the title. Moved my warlock (Torrozz) with the 250K and the title, from Bleeding Hollow to Emerald Dream in June of 2014. Lost most of the HK's and title when I moved him. Blizz has been worthless with the tickets I've created. I worked extremely hard and long for that title, the only one I've ever really wanted and now it's gone. Blizz admitted to the problem with my first ticket, and I've seen others with the issue, but they don't appear to care or to be willing to help at all. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do, or is Blizz a lost cause and time to move on? Is there anyway to see the HK's I had on bleeding Hollow before I moved him?

By Fuabaa on 19 Jul 2012 (Patch 5.0.3 )


Check out this guy's HK's.....

By Coonga on 25 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.2.0i )

that is absolutely crazy
By dextermorgan on 10 Aug 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

At least they shall protect his virginity.

By tylerterror666 on 21 Mar 2016 (Patch 6.2.4 )

Alterac Valley Is the best place to farm kills, Ashran while waiting for the long queue.

By Semavi on 03 Mar 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

just for the info this achi progress is account wide, it's not tied to character

By biggaz69 on 20 Jun 2018 (Patch 8.0.1 )

Got this achievement tonight after a long time...almost ten years, but I wasn't trying serious for it until the last six months.
The best BG's for this are AV, IOC and the new Southshore vs Tarren Mill brawl for Legion.
Staying alive and winning Southshore vs Tarren Mill guaranteed me 150 honourable kills so it's worth doing this constantly
for the week it's up

By ssggtt on 13 Jul 2014 (Patch 6.0.1 )

Just obtained this achieve/title after about 6 months of pretty consistent farming whenever I logged onto WOW.

My advice is to try and find an HK farming group and run with them whenever possible... However, these groups generally don't run very consistently, so here's my advice if you're still interested in trying to obtaining this achieve/title.

ALWAYS do Isle of Conquest (IOC). I found that in IOC you consistently get more HK's then any other Battle Ground (BG) in the least amount of time. If you're Alliance you usually get more HK's in this BG then Horde. However, the Alliance usually has a 5 to 10 minute queue time, where as the Horde usually has instant queues so the amount of HK's per hour generally comes out to be about the same. When you enter IOC just follow the big group that generally rushes Workshop and hang back and start farming. Just remember that no matter what you do to try and obtain this title that it's going to take a considerable amount of time.

This is what worked for me and I hope it does for you too.

Good luck to all who wish to go after this achieve/title.

By Dres34 on 26 Jan 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

How can you kill that which has no life ?


By ninkosen on 05 Jun 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

Is there any place that list all players who have this title ? Aka all players with more than 250k kills ? My wild guess is that there is between 2-5 by servers in average so that would be anywhere up to 5000 players worldwide. Rough guess.

By Aesiria on 06 Jun 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

wowranked.com is one site. On this site 503 players were listed as having 250 000 or more HKs when I checked. Though, I guess it isn't complete as I didn't find myself there when I should be(at 175k at the moment). And that's also only EU+US. I've seen another site that has Korean players too, but forgot the name.
By Aesiria on 18 Sep 2011 (Patch 4.2.2 )

guildox.com works too.

By golothgor on 24 Dec 2010 (Patch 4.0.3 )

I'm looking to go for this; only have 10k Honorable Kills from simply doing a lot of AV while leveling. Would AV be the best to grind HKs? I was in a WSG on an alt and gained 100 just from one battle at a low level...and I do want that Justicar title....

By Aarod on 08 Jan 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

Personally I found the most rewarding game for me was AV. You have a chance to gain way more Honorable kills , just as long as you stick around where the action is. I also went to a lot of WG, and world PvP whenever i wasn't farming or while i was waiting for a BG que. Stealthing into SW or IF works out great if you can stealth, and don't mind PvPing right in their home town.

By samskara on 20 Jan 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

I'm sitting at 93k and it's not easy as alliance to get that many hks in our battlegroup. In AV I have seen when horde gets 300hks, our top guy gets 50hks.
SOTA is good for hks too.

By Yiest on 08 May 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

it was done at one of those odd places in game where you instant respawn without going ghostform. i think theres one in azshara for example. theres youtube vids of it being done on level 1s like that.

its abusing game mechanics and a bannable offense if caught though.

By Stormydove on 27 Dec 2011 (Patch 4.3.0a )

I shall be getting this, I found that during an AV weekend you can easily get over 300 HK's from a turtle a game. Just have to make sure you turtle your team

By Timisoreanu on 23 Apr 2012 (Patch 4.3.4 )

Best way to get this faster is by doing AV and IoC 40 man premades with the sole purpose of farming honor kills. Still takes forever but is alooooot faster that doing randoms. Got aound 40k hks in 2 weeks playing 6 hours a day at least. This is by far the greatest grind in the game so far.

By Maolzz on 16 Jun 2012 (Patch 4.3.4 )

So epic title, wish I'd have it

By ikilled007 on 08 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Just saw this title for the first time today. I want it, but my god, the hours necessary...

By machinelf on 12 Aug 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

In an age where arena and RBGs have been rife with win trading, piloting, hacking, carrying and whatnot, this title is the ONLY sure fire indication that someone knows what they are doing in PVP. If I see High Warlord or Glad in their title in a BG, I assume it's gotten via shady means. But THIS title earns instant respect, and (if they are on the other team), Fear.

By ZanyRock on 16 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix1 )

not sure about fear, lol.....but yeah respect either way and if on the other team just know at least 1 player gonna play right and just might rally the noobs.
By Rekra on 29 Dec 2013 (Patch 5.4.2 )

Every person that i've noticed with this title has played pretty well, if not great. That being said, it's pretty tough to kill something that has no life.

By Orissan on 17 Apr 2014 (Patch 6.0.1 )

If your not screaming BLOOD TO THE BLOOD GOD! by the end of this you are doing it horribly wrong.

I mean really, you have killed more people then most races have, at least have a valid purpose.

Or your just a strong independent deranged lunatic that don't need no ancient evil telling him what to do.

Whatever floats your boat. Good day.
*sips blood from skull*

By 0Aloreth on 09 Jul 2015 (Patch 6.2.0 )

The mantle of the feared Predatoria.

By boglund on 01 Dec 2010 (Patch 4.0.3 )

I got this title the first day of patch 4.0.3a with my lvl 1 twink rogue. I did some grinding prior to the patch to make sure I'd get it as soon as possible. Here's the video proof:


Realm: EU Dunemaul!

Røskmeg, the Bloodthirsty!

By Bognog on 28 Dec 2010 (Patch 4.0.3 )

That was amazing.

By Tiathin on 24 Feb 2012 (Patch 4.3.2 )

If I remember correctly, Theplague on EU-Dragonmaw, had over 250k kills in vanilla wow.

By izaul on 07 Mar 2012 (Patch 4.3.3 )

still plays has 506k now!

By annoying on 11 Jun 2012 (Patch 4.3.4 )


I just got my Bloodthirsty title today and well delighted with it, but it did take a long time to get this took me 4418 BG's and many many hours of time to do esp on Runetotem as HK's are not farmed and no premades about to help towards it,
So if you plan on going for this title expect a lengthy hall doing it.
But at the end of it u will love the title as very few people have it, but for 250000 hks and just a title for all them hours put into it would of been really nice to get some sort of a PVP Mount in mail from it. Cmon Blizz mounts all round

have fun all grinding this title

Annoying (warlock)


By imdrax on 01 Sep 2012 (Patch 5.0.4 )

I got this title, even though I have ~50k when the account-wide came in. Seems that relogging due to my DC's and other errors, It stacked it all the way to 250k. I got the achievment and the title too.

Also, I got 10k Dalies and 100k Valorpoints.

By manleyart on 12 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Log on to www.thebloodthirsty.info and follow the instructions. You can rack up a lot of HK joining in those HK farms.

By Rekra on 29 Dec 2013 (Patch 5.4.2 )

Here's wondering if blizzard puts in a new achievement for a new expansion... 500,000 honorable kills awarding some catchy title. They keep adding new ones for increasing numbers of mounts and pets so why not this?

By seasaint7 on 05 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

I got lucky right after my server transfer and found a super-efficient farming group (Alliance side) that runs 12/hours a day 365 days a year. We farm IoC and get about 300 HKs in 15-20 minutes depending on the cooperation (or interference) of any random pugs who queued in with our premade. Everything is organized and smoothly run in vent, so there are no in-game invites or cross-realm groups. Everyone is super-nice and you don't even need to be geared. Google "The Bloodthirsty." For the Horde, I'm told there's a group called Cupcake Cartel. Happy hunting!

By Hafa on 20 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

can you tell us this farming grp alliance side?

By Darkprodigy on 04 Dec 2010 (Patch 4.0.3 )

Not me, but it's a level 1 getting this title

By Maolzz on 16 Jun 2012 (Patch 4.3.4 )

PvP 4 life btw.

By boglund on 12 Feb 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

This lvl 1 rogue, Røskmeg, has this title!


By kinigit on 12 Feb 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

He could only have gotten this title by killing players outside of BGs. It would have taken years of normal play. I find it impossible to believe he did this straight up. I am positive he used a bots to script his own character and the bot grinded out 250,000 kills killing other bots on other trial accounts. I don't think it is even possible in your lifetime to hunt down 250,000 players in world PvP exclusively, even at max level. A level 1 would have a hard time finding an opponent he could kill (even if twinked) more than once every few minutes. THat means it would take more than 10,000
By Battleboyqtpie on 19 Feb 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

If a level 1 has 250,000 HKs then its obvious he farmed one of his toons on another account since you cant enter BGs at such a low level. Its also against the rules to farm your own account so Røskmeg should be banned for what he did. Just sayin'
By singe101 on 18 Mar 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

That's not honorable.
By holix12 on 03 Apr 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

He maybe used the multi-box program. I disagree though he shoudnt be banned.
By boglund on 15 Jun 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

20.000 Honorable Kills Per Hour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaUrdwukdCk

By Rageofbull on 07 Dec 2011 (Patch 4.3.0a )

Hard To Get!

By techbear on 21 Jul 2015 (Patch 6.2.1 )

I have subscribed to WoW about a year over the past 10.. and have this title haha. doubt anyone can beat that