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Vanquisher <Name>
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By Ilikegold on 22 Jul 2010 (Patch 3.3.5 )

This title is earned by participating in the Arena Tournament Realm and achieving a team rating within the top 1000 at the end of the first qualifier. You also have to have a certain number of games played to be eligible to receive the title (for the 2010 Arena Tournament it was 100 games played). It is given to all of your characters over level 71 (at least for the last two Arena Tournaments, i'd guess during BC it would be all characters over level 61) sometime after the qualifier ends

The title was available from the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Arena Tournament Realms.

By Txiiz on 31 Dec 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

Is the title permanent or does it dissapear after a set time?
By ifjkl on 23 Mar 2015 (Patch 6.1.2 )

It is permanent.
By Loqm on 16 Dec 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

It was also available in 2009 and it seems in 2013 aswell. So 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013? 5 years that the title was available I believe

By Easypeasy on 12 Apr 2012 (Patch 5.0.1 )

The available prizes are listed below:
Players who participate in at least 50 rated Arena Pass games on one character and with the same team by the end of the online qualifier will be eligible to receive the Armored Murloc pet for their live characters.
Players who are a member of one of the top 1000 teams at the end of the online qualifier and have participated in at least 100 rated Arena Pass games on a character on a qualifying team will receive the “Vanquisher” title for their live characters level 71 and over.
Please Note: The characters that players use to qualify for the above prizes must play all of their qualifying games on the same team and must remain on that team for the duration of the Arena Pass. If a player leaves their team at any time, it may void their eligibility by resetting the number of games needed to be played. The live characters players wish to receive the in-game prizes must be on the same account as the one registered for the Arena Pass service.

By Lilwiz on 07 Apr 2012 (Patch 5.0.1 )

This Title will once again be obtainable in the Arena Tournament 2012, 10th april.

By ShakzyO on 08 Nov 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

Still wondering why this title isn't account wide..

By addekallstrom on 03 Jan 2016 (Patch 7.0.1 )

To make it unique! I do understand you though, I only have it on my shaman that I played a lot back in wrath (got it on ATR 2010), but I've barely touched him since I fell in love with blood elfs (/flex <3) and so the coolest title I have (by far, imo) is stuck on my 8th-ish alt. A shame, but I don't mind really. There is something to this uniqueness of it, and it makes it even more special whenever I actually log on my shaman. I don't think I'd keep that feeling if I had "Vanquisher" on every character I have.

By Wallion on 12 May 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

So if i register myself on arena pass and get in the 1000 best ppl do all my chars over 71 get the title and pet? Oo

By MorningsMassacre on 28 Jul 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

On your characters with the current requirement (Currently 71) will receive the title and the pet, anything below it will receive just the pet.