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REALM: Felsong   (change to )

Matron <Name>
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By Gemminie on 10 Aug 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

If your character is female and you use a transformation item that turns you into a male creature, such as the Iron Boot Flask, the title in your list (and the one above your head, if it's active at the time) will change from "Matron" to "Patron" -- in fact, there is chat text that says that you have lost the title "Matron" and gained the title "Patron." When it wears off or is canceled (including by death), the opposite happens.

By giga on 24 Apr 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

"Matron" is the female version of the title you receive from completing For the Children

Male characters receive the title "Patron" instead.

By 3xploit on 20 Mar 2014 (Patch 5.4.7 )

I use this title for all my healers

By TEMPNAME005 on 10 Jul 2015 (Patch 6.2.0 )

awww, me too lmao

By Liath on 09 Jun 2011 (Patch 4.1.0 )

Discrimination! What if my character identifies as a male but is female? They have the right to use the other title!