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(Record: 7117)
Uptime: 10h, 44m, 39s
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Exploit Weakness [#6595]
Exploit Weakness 
    Melee range
Instant cast   
Inflicts Physical damage.

Spell details
Range5 yards (Combat)SchoolPhysical
Cast TimeInstant castMechanicn/a
Cooldownn/aDispel Typen/a
Chargesn/aMax Targetsn/a
GCD1.5 secondsGCD CategorySpecial
Damage ClassMelee
Effect #0Weapon Damage %
Value: 149%
Damage School: Physical
Targets: Enemy
Attributes - Hits on next swing
- [Client-Side] Show "ability" instead of "spell"
- On next swing
- [Client-Side] Don't hide unit weapons in sheath
Used by (13)See also (6)
Nightbane Dark Runner21 - 22A HHumanoidDuskwood1.11.1 4
Grave Robber24 - 25A HHumanoidDuskwood1.11.1 2
Fenros22A HHumanoidDuskwood1.11.1 1
Moonstalker Sire17 - 18A HBeastDarkshore1.11.1 36
Witchwing Roguefeather17 - 18A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.11.1 19
Witchwing Ambusher17 - 18A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.11.1 4
Xavian Rogue20 - 21A HDemonAshenvale1.11.1 5
Screeching Roguefeather29 - 30A HHumanoid 1.11.1 0
Fallenroot Rogue21A HDemon 1.11.1 0
Ghostclaw Ravager10 - 60A HBeastGhostlands2.2.0 17
Sunhawk Reclaimer16 - 17A HHumanoidBloodmyst Isle2.0.1 26
Marina DeSirrus
<Thief of the Dead>
25A HHumanoidDuskwood4.0.3 1
Neferset Looter84A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 27