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Grace of the Creators [#242616]
Grace of the Creators 
Taking damage has a chance to heal you for 0 over 6 seconds. When this effect expires, you and up to 4 allies within 15 yds gain a shield that prevents 0 damage for 15 seconds.
RPPM data: 3 base RPPM
Quick Facts
  • Added in 7.2.0

Referenced spells:
- Bulwark of Grace
- Grace of the Creators

Spell details
Cast Timen/aMechanicn/a
Cooldownn/aDispel Typen/a
Chargesn/aMax Targetsn/a
GCDn/aGCD Categoryn/a
Damage ClassMagic
Effect #0Apply Aura: Proc Trigger Spell
Chance: 4% (Probably wrong, value may be used for something else, read spell tooltip)

Targets: Caster
Proc Flags- Taken damage from melee auto attack hit
- Taken damage by Spell that use melee weapon
- Taken damage from ranged auto attack
- Taken damage by Spell that use ranged weapon
- Taken Negative spell hit
- Taken Negative Magic spell hit
- Taken spell periodic (damage or healing, depending on hit type)
Proc Chance101%
Attributes - Passive spell
- Can proc triggered
- Send amount to client buff
- Amount scales with source Item Level

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