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Shimmerfield [#212908]
1.5 sec cast   3 m cooldown
If your Masquerade disguise is broken within the next 5 minutes, you will be stealthed for 5 seconds and a clone will appear, drawing your enemies away. When you come out of stealth, Masquerade will be reapplied.
Quick Facts
  • Added in 7.0.3

Referenced spells:
- Shimmerfield Stealth

If your Masquerade disguise is broken, you will become stealthed and create a magical clone.

5 minutes remaining

Spell details
Costn/aDuration5 minutes
Cast Time1.5 sec castMechanicn/a
Cooldown3 m cooldownDispel Typen/a
Chargesn/aMax Targetsn/a
GCDn/aGCD Categoryn/a
Damage Classn/a
Effect #0Apply Aura: Dummy aura (server-side)
Value: 0
Targets: Caster
Attributes - Unaffected by invulnerability
- Doesn't generate threat
- Can target out-of-LoS targets
- Food/Drink buff
- Spell can trigger even if triggered?
- Can't trigger proc
- Does not put caster in combat

and 1 other unknown attribute
Only usable in - The Grand Promenade
- Evermoon Commons
- Lunastre Estate
- Suramar City
- Twilight Vineyards
- Court of Stars
- Estate of the First Arcanist
- The Menagerie
- Su'esh's Lair
- Concourse of Destiny
- The Aetherium
- Moonlit Landing
- The Gilded Market
- Midnight Court
- The Jeweled Estate
- The Waning Crescent
- Artisan's Gallery
- Siren's Vigil
- Evermoon Bazaar
- Shimmershade Garden
- Astravar Harbor
- Terrace of Enlightenment
- Terrace of Order
- Sanctum of Order
- Starcaller Retreat
- Sunset Park
- Moonbeam Causeway
- Sanctum of Enlightenment
- Evermoon Terrace
- Suramar Bay

Comments (New!) (1)
By Ildac on 09 Oct 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

This item just plain doesn't work. I never get the stealth, and enemies will still gang up on me.