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Drain [#202658]
    100 yd range
3 sec cast   5 s cooldown
The caster siphons the life force of the victim, stunning them in place.
Quick Facts
  • Added in 7.0.1

Stunned. 42691 to 49616 Shadow damage every 3 sec.

6 seconds remaining

Spell details
Costn/aDuration6 seconds
Range100 yards (Vision)SchoolShadow
Cast Time3 sec castMechanicn/a
Cooldown5 s cooldownDispel Typen/a
Chargesn/aMax Targets1
GCDn/aGCD Categoryn/a
Damage ClassMagic
Effect #0Apply Aura: Stun
Targets: Starting From Caster, Nearby enemies
Mechanic: Stun
Radius: 40 yards
Effect #1Apply Aura: Periodic Damage
Value: 42691 to 49616 every 3 seconds
Value: 42699 to 49600 every 3 seconds on Normal
Value: 90184 to 99185 every 3 seconds on Heroic
Value: 136360 to 148961 every 3 seconds on Mythic
Targets: Starting From Caster, Nearby enemies
Radius: 40 yards
Effect #2Trigger Spell

Targets: Caster
Attributes - Probably negative spell?
- Channeled target
- Can target out-of-LoS targets

and 1 other unknown attribute

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Malignant Defiler110A HDemon Vault of the Wardens7.0.3 8