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REALM: Felsong   (change to )
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Volley [#194386]
Requires Bows, Guns, Crossbow
Instant cast   1.5 s cooldown
While active, your auto attacks spend 3 Focus to also launch a volley of shots that hit the target and all other nearby enemies, dealing 0 (+100% AP) additional Physical damage.
Quick Facts
  • Added in 7.0.1


Referenced spells:
- Volley

Auto attacks also spend 3 Focus to launch a volley of shots that hit the target and all other nearby enemies.

Spell details
FamilyHunter (Tier 6 talent)Level1
Cast TimeInstant castMechanicn/a
Cooldown1.5 s cooldownDispel Typen/a
Chargesn/aMax Targetsn/a
GCDn/aGCD Categoryn/a
Damage ClassRanged
Effect #0Apply Aura: Proc Trigger Spell
Chance: 3% (Probably wrong, value may be used for something else, read spell tooltip)

Targets: Caster
Proc Flags- Successful Ranged auto attack
Proc Chance100%
Attributes - Requires ammo
- Not usable while shapeshifted/polymorphed
- [Client-Side] Force facing target
- Can't be redirected
- Can't be reflected
- Does not reset autoattack timers
- Duration/Tick speed affected by haste
- Max duration affected by haste

and 4 other unknown attributes

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