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Touch of Death [#169340]
Touch of Death 
3 Chi   Melee range
Instant cast   1 m, 30 s cooldown
Instantly kills any creature under level 100, or player under 20% health.
Quick Facts
  • Added in 6.0.1

Replaces Touch of Death if player has aura Scroll of Touch of Death

Spell details
Cost 3 ChiDurationn/a
Range5 yards (Combat)SchoolPhysical
Cast TimeInstant castMechanicn/a
Cooldown1 m, 30 s cooldownDispel Typen/a
Chargesn/aMax Targetsn/a
GCD1.5 secondsGCD CategoryNormal
Damage ClassMelee
Effect #0School damage
Value: 1
Damage School: Physical
Targets: Enemy
Effect #1Dummy (server-side)
Value: 100
Effect #2Unknown Effect (#0)
Value: 20
Attributes - [Client-Side] Show "ability" instead of "spell"
- Not usable while shapeshifted/polymorphed
- [Client-Side] Don't hide unit weapons in sheath
- Cannot be dodged/parried/blocked
- Force melee combat
- Cannot critically hit
- Requires main hand weapon
- Fixed damage ?
- Can target possessed friends
- Ignore damage percent mods

and 3 other unknown attributes
Only usable in - Ashran

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