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Shadowed Gift [#137390]
Shadowed Gift 
Instant cast   
Quick Facts
  • Added in 5.2.0

Referenced spells:
- Marked Soul

Spell details
Cast TimeInstant castMechanicn/a
Cooldownn/aDispel Typen/a
Chargesn/aMax Targetsn/a
GCDn/aGCD Categoryn/a
Damage Classn/a
Effect #0School damage
Value: 1200000
Damage School: Shadow
Targets: Starting From Caster, Targets by DB Entry in Area
Radius: 6 yards
Attributes - Usable while mounted
- Usable while sitting
- Unaffected by invulnerability
- Doesn't break stealth
- Can target out-of-LoS targets
- Does not necessarily need shapeshift
- Always hit
- Spell cast forced triggered (castable while walking)
- Can channel when moving
- Usable while stunned
- Usable while feared
- Usable while confused
- Castable while on vehicle

and 5 other unknown attributes

Changelog (2)See also (1)
NameVersion (mouseover to see tooltip)
Shadowed Gift5.2.0 (16486)
Shadowed Gift5.2.0 (16467)