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Use Quest helper, data is read directly from the WoW Freakz database and are 100% correct

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QuestCategoryTime remaining
The Nightfallen [Emissary]Suramar9 h, 27 m
The Dreamweavers [Emissary]Val'sharah1 d, 9 h, 27 m
The Kirin Tor of Dalaran [Emissary]Dalaran2 d, 9 h, 27 m
Interlopers!Azsuna25 m
Weapons of DeathwingHighmountain1 h, 3 m
The Magic of FlightSuramar1 h, 25 m
A Tad More CorruptionBroken Shore1 h, 44 m
The Magic of FlightStormheim1 h, 44 m
Briny WatersHighmountain2 h, 3 m
WANTED: Glimar IronfistStormheim2 h, 44 m
FelrglrglrglrglBroken Shore2 h, 46 m
Barrels o' FunAzsuna2 h, 46 m
WANTED: Isel the HammerStormheim3 h, 3 m
WANTED: Nameless KingStormheim3 h, 3 m
WANTED: Arcanist Shal'imanAzsuna3 h, 25 m
Ley RaceVal'sharah3 h, 25 m
Winged TerrorsBroken Shore4 h, 3 m
WANTED: Warbringer Mox'naAzsuna4 h, 3 m
Twisted AshVal'sharah4 h, 25 m
Mud MuckingBroken Shore5 h, 3 m
Brute WranglingBroken Shore5 h, 3 m
DEADLY: Withered J'imAzsuna6 h, 58 m
The Sleeping CorruptionVal'sharah6 h, 58 m
WANTED: Siegemaster AedrinSuramar7 h, 33 m
FelhideSuramar7 h, 43 m
Warden Tower Assault: Darkfollow's SpireVal'sharah7 h, 43 m
Warden Tower Assault: Blackhawk's BulwarkStormheim7 h, 43 m
Warden Tower Assault: Starstalker's PointVal'sharah7 h, 43 m
Warden Tower Assault: Whisperwind's CitadelStormheim7 h, 43 m
Warden Tower Assault: Cordana's ApexHighmountain7 h, 43 m
Wild Leystone SeamsStormheim7 h, 43 m
Oh, OminitronStormheim7 h, 43 m
Warden Tower Assault: Nightwatcher's PerchHighmountain7 h, 43 m
Mana TapSuramar7 h, 43 m
WANTED: Urgev the FlayerStormheim7 h, 44 m
Purge of the NightmareVal'sharah8 h, 44 m
WANTED: Broodmother Shu'malisSuramar8 h, 46 m
WANTED: Doomlord KazrokAzsuna8 h, 46 m
WANTED: SanaarSuramar9 h, 44 m
Out of the WoodworkVal'sharah9 h, 47 m
Snowfeather Swarm!Highmountain10 h, 22 m
Sharptalon Swarm!Val'sharah10 h, 22 m
The Cost of PowerBroken Shore11 h, 3 m
The Shackled VoidBroken Shore11 h, 3 m
WANTED: Lieutenant StrathmarSuramar11 h, 4 m
EnigmaticHighmountain11 h, 44 m
WANTED: SekhanHighmountain11 h, 44 m
Everything!Highmountain12 h, 32 m
Coastal GloomVal'sharah12 h, 47 m
Ley RaceSuramar13 h, 3 m
The Wailing DeadBroken Shore13 h, 32 m
Disgusting, but UsefulAzsuna15 h, 3 m
Training with BreddaHighmountain18 h, 25 m
Bristly Musken HideVal'sharah18 h, 25 m
Brimstone DestroyerHighmountain18 h, 25 m
Work Order: Silkweave EpauletsAzsuna18 h, 25 m
Work Order: Word of IntellectDalaran18 h, 25 m
Fight Night: AmaliaDalaran18 h, 25 m
Dazed and Confused and AdorableAzsuna18 h, 25 m
Only Pets Can Prevent Forest FiresVal'sharah18 h, 25 m
DANGER: DefiliaHighmountain1 d, 9 h, 43 m
WANTED: Oreth the VileSuramar1 d, 9 h, 43 m
WANTED: Isel the HammerStormheim1 d, 11 h, 30 m
Bloodgazer Swarm!Azsuna1 d, 11 h, 30 m
Stand!Broken Shore2 d, 7 h, 42 m
Kill it with Fire!Broken Shore2 d, 7 h, 42 m
WANTED: ArcavellusAzsuna2 d, 9 h, 44 m
WANTED: Tiptog the LostStormheim2 d, 9 h, 44 m