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Want to complete a quest but you don't know what quest chain should be done and or where to start/end it?
Use Quest helper, data is read directly from the WoW Freakz database and are 100% correct

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QuestCategoryTime remaining
Court of Farondis [Emissary]Azsuna18 h, 58 m
The Nightfallen [Emissary]Suramar1 d, 18 h, 58 m
The Dreamweavers [Emissary]Val'sharah2 d, 18 h, 58 m
Threnody of ChieftainsHighmountain12 m
Ancient BonesBroken Shore13 m
The Magic of FlightVal'sharah54 m
Gunksnout InfestationHighmountain1 h, 12 m
WANTED: DarkshadeVal'sharah1 h, 23 m
Petrified AcolytesVal'sharah1 h, 52 m
A Tad More CorruptionBroken Shore1 h, 52 m
WANTED: Captain Volo'renAzsuna2 h, 11 m
Work Order: Mossgill PerchVal'sharah2 h, 51 m
Fight Night: AmaliaDalaran2 h, 51 m
Dazed and Confused and AdorableAzsuna2 h, 51 m
Training with DurianVal'sharah2 h, 51 m
Bristled Bear SkinHighmountain2 h, 51 m
Work Order: Silkweave HoodDalaran2 h, 51 m
Work Order: Cursed QueenfishAzsuna2 h, 51 m
Rocko Needs a ShaveHighmountain2 h, 51 m
Return to the CragHighmountain2 h, 54 m
Fel Fire and IceBroken Shore3 h, 24 m
WANTED: SekhanHighmountain3 h, 24 m
Barrels o' FunStormheim4 h, 24 m
Ley RaceHighmountain4 h, 54 m
Won't Anyone Think of the Whelps?Azsuna5 h, 24 m
Twisted SoulsAzsuna6 h, 13 m
Break Their GarrisonBroken Shore6 h, 24 m
WANTED: Urgev the FlayerStormheim7 h, 5 m
WANTED: Hertha GrimdottirSuramar7 h, 14 m
WANTED: Isel the HammerStormheim8 h, 14 m
Temple DefenseVal'sharah8 h, 14 m
EnigmaticSuramar8 h, 14 m
Brute WranglingBroken Shore10 h, 14 m
Hellish ScavengersBroken Shore10 h, 14 m
WANTED: SanaarSuramar11 h, 5 m
The Cost of PowerBroken Shore11 h, 5 m
DrakestalkerStormheim11 h, 12 m
The Magic of FlightAzsuna11 h, 14 m
Playing with Green FireBroken Shore11 h, 14 m
WANTED: Mal'Dreth the CorruptorSuramar11 h, 22 m
WANTED: Glimar IronfistStormheim12 h, 13 m
Barrels o' FunSuramar12 h, 23 m
WANTED: Lieutenant StrathmarSuramar13 h, 12 m
WANTED: SyphonusAzsuna13 h, 24 m
Disgusting, but UsefulAzsuna14 h, 14 m
Botanical BacklashVal'sharah14 h, 23 m
Stand!Broken Shore17 h, 14 m
Beasts of BurdenStormheim17 h, 23 m
Flourishing FjarnskagglStormheim17 h, 23 m
Warden Tower Assault: Starstalker's PointVal'sharah17 h, 23 m
Warden Tower Assault: Darkfollow's SpireVal'sharah17 h, 23 m
Warden Tower Assault: Cordana's ApexHighmountain17 h, 23 m
Warden Tower Assault: Blackhawk's BulwarkStormheim17 h, 23 m
FelhideSuramar17 h, 23 m
Warden Tower Assault: Nightwatcher's PerchHighmountain17 h, 23 m
Warden Tower Assault: Whisperwind's CitadelStormheim17 h, 23 m
Clear the CatacombsSuramar17 h, 23 m
DANGER: SorallusSuramar19 h, 4 m
WANTED: TheryssiaVal'sharah19 h, 4 m
DANGER: Oubdob da SmasherHighmountain19 h, 4 m
WANTED: Hannval the ButcherStormheim20 h, 8 m
Battery BackupBroken Shore1 d, 2 h, 50 m
DANGER: Fjorlag, the Grave's ChillStormheim2 d, 19 h, 5 m
WANTED: BrogozogAzsuna2 d, 19 h, 5 m
DANGER: Mawat'akiHighmountain2 d, 20 h, 2 m
Terror of the DeepAzsuna5 d, 16 h, 49 m
Na'zak the FiendSuramar5 d, 16 h, 49 m