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Want to complete a quest but you don't know what quest chain should be done and or where to start/end it?
Use Quest helper, data is read directly from the WoW Freakz database and are 100% correct

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QuestCategoryTime remaining
The Valarjar [Emissary]Stormheim22 h, 26 m
Court of Farondis [Emissary]Azsuna1 d, 22 h, 26 m
Highmountain Tribes [Emissary]Highmountain2 d, 22 h, 26 m
WANTED: Shara FelbreathHighmountain32 m
The Magic of FlightStormheim35 m
WANTED: Lieutenant StrathmarSuramar1 h, 36 m
Umbralshard RitualsHighmountain1 h, 36 m
WANTED: Doomlord KazrokAzsuna1 h, 56 m
Commander ZarthakHighmountain2 h, 26 m
Ix'drelothHighmountain2 h, 26 m
BalinarHighmountain2 h, 26 m
IroxusHighmountain2 h, 26 m
LarthoggHighmountain2 h, 26 m
Shel'zuulHighmountain2 h, 26 m
From the Skies They FelHighmountain2 h, 26 m
Wolves of the LegionHighmountain2 h, 26 m
WANTED: Mal'Dreth the CorruptorSuramar2 h, 34 m
Disgusting, but UsefulAzsuna2 h, 35 m
WANTED: VorthaxAzsuna3 h, 34 m
Twisted SoulsAzsuna4 h, 34 m
WANTED: Broodmother Shu'malisSuramar5 h, 34 m
Barrels o' FunSuramar5 h, 36 m
DrakestalkerStormheim5 h, 56 m
A Tad More CorruptionBroken Shore5 h, 56 m
Dazed and Confused and AdorableAzsuna6 h, 19 m
Work Order: Ancient Rejuvenation PotionsDalaran6 h, 19 m
Meet The MawVal'sharah6 h, 19 m
Rocko Needs a ShaveHighmountain6 h, 19 m
Fight Night: AmaliaDalaran6 h, 19 m
FelwortHighmountain6 h, 19 m
Leystone BasilisksVal'sharah6 h, 19 m
Work Order: LeystoneAzsuna6 h, 19 m
EnigmaticAzsuna6 h, 56 m
WANTED: Warbringer Mox'naAzsuna6 h, 56 m
Botanical BacklashVal'sharah6 h, 56 m
WANTED: SanaarSuramar7 h, 35 m
Kraken EggsBroken Shore7 h, 35 m
Ley RaceSuramar7 h, 56 m
WANTED: Urgev the FlayerStormheim8 h, 35 m
War MaterielBroken Shore8 h, 36 m
Playing with Green FireBroken Shore8 h, 56 m
WANTED: Glimar IronfistStormheim8 h, 56 m
Barrels o' FunHighmountain9 h, 35 m
Briny WatersHighmountain9 h, 35 m
Rise of the FallenHighmountain9 h, 35 m
Petrified AcolytesVal'sharah9 h, 56 m
WANTED: Crawshuk the HungryHighmountain10 h, 35 m
Fel Fire and IceBroken Shore10 h, 56 m
WANTED: FathnyrStormheim11 h, 35 m
Temple DefenseVal'sharah11 h, 35 m
Break Their GarrisonBroken Shore11 h, 35 m
Creepy CrawliesBroken Shore11 h, 56 m
Barrels o' FunVal'sharah13 h, 36 m
Coastal GloomVal'sharah15 h, 35 m
The Shackled VoidBroken Shore16 h, 36 m
A Dark TideHighmountain20 h, 52 m
DEADLY: Withered J'imAzsuna20 h, 52 m
Nightborne Herb TraderSuramar20 h, 56 m
Mana TapSuramar20 h, 56 m
Warden Tower Assault: Cordana's ApexHighmountain20 h, 56 m
Warden Tower Assault: Nightwatcher's PerchHighmountain20 h, 56 m
All Pets Go to HeavenStormheim20 h, 56 m
FelhideStormheim20 h, 56 m
Warden Tower Assault: Whisperwind's CitadelStormheim20 h, 56 m
Warden Tower Assault: Starstalker's PointVal'sharah20 h, 56 m
Warden Tower Assault: Darkfollow's SpireVal'sharah20 h, 56 m
Warden Tower Assault: Blackhawk's BulwarkStormheim20 h, 56 m
WANTED: VorthaxAzsuna22 h, 28 m
DANGER: Harbinger of ScreamsVal'sharah22 h, 28 m
Lords of the HillsHighmountain23 h, 13 m
Mission: Felrage DestructionBroken Shore1 d, 13 h, 32 m
Kill it with Fire!Broken Shore1 d, 13 h, 32 m
WANTED: Lieutenant StrathmarSuramar1 d, 22 h, 33 m
WANTED: Nameless KingStormheim2 d, 23 h, 36 m
DANGER: Auditor EsielSuramar2 d, 23 h, 36 m
DANGER: Kathaw the SavageVal'sharah2 d, 23 h, 36 m