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Never Alone

Assist Will with his plan.
  » Talk with Will Wicked
  » Light up the Bonfire

Ye hearing those groans? We must act now. I'll prepare the bonfire but you have to light it up. I cannot. <Will looks down and takes a deep breath> Let's begin.

Are you ready?

Thank you.

Entity visibility:
  » Creature Forsaken Trooper is hidden when quest is active / completed
  » Creature Alliance Laborer is hidden when quest is active / completed
  » Creature Darkmist Widow is hidden when quest is active / completed
  » Creature Opengut Behemoth is hidden when quest is active / completed
  » Creature Will Wicked is hidden when quest is active
  » Creature Will Wicked is visible only when quest is active
  » Creature Cody is visible only when quest is active / completed

Quick Facts
  • Level: 110
  • Required level: 110
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Alterac Mountains
  • Type: World Event
  • Completed by: 4219 players @ Felsong
Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Right DirectionAmalia (Grand Master Pet Tamer)Will Wicked
2. Things Are Going to Get WorseWill WickedWill Wicked
3. Never AloneWill WickedWill Wicked
4. Terrific Stories and How to Stop ThemWill WickedWill Wicked
5. Soldiers Die HardWill WickedWill Wicked
6. Code Name: CODYWill WickedWill Wicked
7. Brothers in ArmsWill WickedDoug (War Engineer)
8. I Hate to Admit, But We Need POWERDoug (War Engineer)Doug (War Engineer)
9. Chemistry LessonDoug (War Engineer)Dr. Radcliffe
10. Shape of the SicknessDr. RadcliffeDr. Radcliffe
11. The Final IngredientDr. Radcliffe?
12. Good Night, Good Luck??

Same zone (34)Same type (56)Triggers Script for (1)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
An Unexpected Guest in DalaranAlterac Mountains110110 
Brothers in ArmsAlterac Mountains110110 
Chemistry LessonAlterac Mountains110110 
Christmas Is SavedAlterac Mountains8585 
Code Name: CODYAlterac Mountains110110 
Deathwing's AgendaAlterac Mountains8585 
Further MysteriesAlterac Mountains3430
Good Night, Good LuckAlterac Mountains110110 
I Hate to Admit, But We Need POWERAlterac Mountains110110 
Ley EnergiesAlterac Mountains1814 
May All Your Weeds Be WildflowersAlterac Mountains8585 
Never AloneAlterac Mountains110110 
Practical VengeanceAlterac Mountains1814 
Relios the Relic KeeperAlterac Mountains1814 
Save the ChristmasAlterac Mountains8585 
Shape of the SicknessAlterac Mountains110110 
Soldiers Die HardAlterac Mountains110110 
Terrific Stories and How to Stop ThemAlterac Mountains110110 
The Final IngredientAlterac Mountains110110 
The Right DirectionAlterac Mountains110110 
Things Are Going to Get WorseAlterac Mountains110110 
ValikAlterac Mountains3429 
[DEPRECATED] Assassin's ContractAlterac Mountains3830
[DEPRECATED] Baron's DemiseAlterac Mountains4030
[DEPRECATED] Crushridge BountyAlterac Mountains3630
[DEPRECATED] Crushridge WarmongersAlterac Mountains4030
[DEPRECATED] Dark CouncilAlterac Mountains4030
[DEPRECATED] Encrypted LetterAlterac Mountains3430
[DEPRECATED] Foreboding PlansAlterac Mountains3426
[DEPRECATED] Letter to StormpikeAlterac Mountains3430
[DEPRECATED] Noble DeathsAlterac Mountains3626
[DEPRECATED] Stormpike's DecipheringAlterac Mountains4028
[DEPRECATED] Syndicate AssassinsAlterac Mountains3326
[DEPRECATED] The Ensorcelled ParchmentAlterac Mountains4030