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The Rock Flayer Matriarch

Obtain Blacktalon's Claws from Blacktalon the Savage at the Great Fissure and bring it to Ikan at the Temple of Telhamat in Hellfire Peninsula.
  » Blacktalon's Claws

Rock flayers are mean, nasty, violent creatures. But the plain ones are like tame beasts when compared to their matriarch, Blacktalon the Savage.

My cousin got eaten by her and it wasn't pretty. I swore that one day Blacktalon would pay for that. You bring back proof of that monster's death and I will give you my life's savings. Deal?

You'll find her inside a cave in the Great Fissure. Good luck!

Did you bring back proof of Blacktalon's death, <name>?

Yes, I remember these sharp claws!

Take this reward, <name>. That was a dangerous task you just did. You deserve every bit of this reward.

- Items you can choose:

- Reputations:
  » +350 reputation with Exodar
- Money: 5 80
- Money at max level: 6

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 58
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen, Pandaren Alliance, Void Elf, Lightforged Draenei
  • Zone: Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shareable
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 4114 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Rock Flayer MatriarchIkanIkan

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