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An Ambitious Plan

Use the Sanctified Crystal against a wounded Uncontrolled Voidwalker and return to Elsaana at the Temple of Telhamat.
  » Glowing Sanctified Crystal
  » Sanctified Crystal (Provided)

The blood elves epitomize the irresponsible use of magic, <class>. They do not control magical energy. Rather, they are slaves to it and will suffer nothing to stand between them and their addiction. They consume the energies of Outland's voidwalkers to power their demonic magics.

I've prepared a crystal charged with a spell that will allow us to neutralize a voidwalker and sever its link to this world when destroyed. I've mostly seen the voidwalkers in the Warp Fields to the southeast of Hellfire Citadel.

Have you used the crystal's magic against an uncontrolled voidwalker?

You've done well, <name>. It seems the containment crystal is holding for now, but how long it will last remains a mystery. We'll keep an eye on it and prepare more of the crystals in the meantime.

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with Exodar
- Money: 2 90
- Money at max level: 5

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 58
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen, Pandaren Alliance, Void Elf, Lightforged Draenei
  • Zone: Hellfire Peninsula
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. An Ambitious PlanElsaanaElsaana

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