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A Pilgrim's Plight

The Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim was attacked by Quillfang Ravagers while camped in Dustquill Ravine. Find her camp and search it for the missing pack.
  » Torn Pilgrim's Pack

That wounded pilgrim seems to be shouting something about a pack.

When you encountered her, did you see a pack nearby? Hmm...

She must've left it when fleeing from her attackers. The quillfang ravagers, in their ravine to the south, are known to attack solitary travelers.

If she doesn't calm down, I won't be able to tend her wounds. Her stubbornness may just cost her her life.

Go to Dustquill Ravine and see if you can find her campsite. I'm willing to bet she left it there.

Things aren't going well. At this rate, she'll never make it back onto the road. Were you able to find that pack?

Completion - quest log:
Return to Taleris Dawngazer at Falcon Watch in Hellfire Peninsula.

Thank you for returning this, <name>. I'm not sure what significance it holds for the wounded pilgrim, but she refuses to let anyone get near her until it's in her hands again.

- Items you can choose:

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with Silvermoon City
- Money: 2 90
- Money at max level: 6 24

Quick Facts
  • Level: 63
  • Required level: 61
  • Faction: Horde
  • Zone: Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shareable
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 12276 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Road to Falcon WatchWounded Blood Elf PilgrimTaleris Dawngazer
2. A Pilgrim's PlightTaleris DawngazerTaleris Dawngazer

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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Debilitating SicknessHellfire Peninsula6360
A Hasty DepartureHellfire Peninsula61255 
A Job for an Intelligent ManHellfire Peninsula6158
A Pilgrim's PlightHellfire Peninsula6361
A Spirit GuideHellfire Peninsula6260
A Strange WeaponHellfire Peninsula6260
A Traitor Among UsHellfire Peninsula6260 
Administering the SalveHellfire Peninsula6360
An Ambitious PlanHellfire Peninsula6361
An Old GiftHellfire Peninsula6158
Apothecary ZelanaHellfire Peninsula6058
Arelion's JournalHellfire Peninsula6260
Arelion's MistressHellfire Peninsula6260
Arelion's SecretHellfire Peninsula6260
Arrival in OutlandHellfire Peninsula6158
Arrival in OutlandHellfire Peninsula6158
Arzeth's DemiseHellfire Peninsula6260 
Assault on MageddonHellfire Peninsula61255 
Assault on MageddonHellfire Peninsula61255 
AtonementHellfire Peninsula6360
Avruu's OrbHellfire Peninsula6360 
Beneath ThrallmarHellfire Peninsula6158 
Birds of a FeatherHellfire Peninsula6260
Bleeding Hollow SuppliesHellfire Peninsula6158 
Bleeding Hollow SuppliesHellfire Peninsula6158 
Bloody VengeanceHellfire Peninsula6158
Boiling BloodHellfire Peninsula6058
Bonechewer BloodHellfire Peninsula6058
Bristlehide Clefthoof HidesHellfire Peninsula62255 
Burn It Up... For the Horde!Hellfire Peninsula6158
Cannons of RageHellfire Peninsula6158
Cleansing the WatersHellfire Peninsula6260
Colossal MenaceHellfire Peninsula6361 
Crimson Crystal ClueHellfire Peninsula6361 
Cruel TaskmastersHellfire Peninsula6360
Cruel's IntentionsHellfire Peninsula6358
Cursed TalismansHellfire Peninsula5858
Dark TidingsHellfire Peninsula6259
Dark TidingsHellfire Peninsula6259
Deadly PredatorsHellfire Peninsula6260
Dealing With Zeth'GorHellfire Peninsula6158 
Dealing with Zeth'GorHellfire Peninsula6158 
Decipher the TomeHellfire Peninsula6158
Demonic ContaminationHellfire Peninsula6361 
Dispatching the CommanderHellfire Peninsula62 
Dispatching the CommanderHellfire Peninsula62 
Disrupt Their ReinforcementsHellfire Peninsula6258
Disrupt Their ReinforcementsHellfire Peninsula6258
Disruption - Forge Camp: MageddonHellfire Peninsula6158
Doorway to the AbyssHellfire Peninsula6158
Dumphry's RequestHellfire Peninsula7068
Enemy of my Enemy...Hellfire Peninsula6158
Entry Into the CitadelHellfire Peninsula7068
Entry Into the CitadelHellfire Peninsula7068
Envoy to the Mag'harHellfire Peninsula6360
Eradicate the Burning LegionHellfire Peninsula6158
Expedition PointHellfire Peninsula6158
Falcon Watch (Blood Elf)Hellfire Peninsula6260
Falcon Watch (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Pandaren Horde)Hellfire Peninsula6260
Fel Orc ScavengersHellfire Peninsula5858
Felspark RavineHellfire Peninsula6158
Force Commander DanathHellfire Peninsula6055
Forge Camp: MageddonHellfire Peninsula6158
Forge Camps of the LegionHellfire Peninsula61255 
Forgotten HeroesHellfire Peninsula6055 
Forward Base: Reaver's FallHellfire Peninsula6158
Forward Base: Reaver's Fall REUSEHellfire Peninsula6158 
From the AbyssHellfire Peninsula6358
Gaining Mirren's TrustHellfire Peninsula6260
Go to the FrontHellfire Peninsula6158
Grand Master DumphryHellfire Peninsula7068
Grand Master RohokHellfire Peninsula7068
Helboar, the Other White MeatHellfire Peninsula6158 
Hellfire FortificationsHellfire Peninsula6055
Hellfire FortificationsHellfire Peninsula6055
Helping the Cenarion PostHellfire Peninsula6161
Helping the Cenarion PostHellfire Peninsula6161
Honor the FallenHellfire Peninsula6158
Hotter than HellHellfire Peninsula7068
Hounded for MoreHellfire Peninsula6158
How to Serve GoblinsHellfire Peninsula6158 
I Work... For the Horde!Hellfire Peninsula6158
Ill OmensHellfire Peninsula5858
Impending DoomHellfire Peninsula6158 
Impending DoomHellfire Peninsula6158 
In Case of Emergency...Hellfire Peninsula6158 
In Need of FelbloodHellfire Peninsula6260
In Search of SedaiHellfire Peninsula6260
Invasion Point: AnnihilatorHellfire Peninsula6158
Investigate the CrashHellfire Peninsula6158
Journey to Honor HoldHellfire Peninsula6158
Journey to ThrallmarHellfire Peninsula6158
Kargath's Battle PlansHellfire Peninsula7067
Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!Hellfire Peninsula6361 
Know your EnemyHellfire Peninsula6158
Laying Waste to the UnwantedHellfire Peninsula6158
Life's Finer PleasuresHellfire Peninsula6260
Looking to the LeadershipHellfire Peninsula6158
Looking to the LeadershipHellfire Peninsula6158 
Magic of the ArakkoaHellfire Peninsula6260
Make Them ListenHellfire Peninsula6158
Makuru's VengeanceHellfire Peninsula6360
Marauding Crust BurstersHellfire Peninsula61255
Marking the PathHellfire Peninsula6260
Messenger to ThrallHellfire Peninsula6260
Missing MissiveHellfire Peninsula6158 
Mission: Be the MessengerHellfire Peninsula62255 
Mission: Be the MessengerHellfire Peninsula62255 
Mission: Disrupt CommunicationsHellfire Peninsula6258 
Mission: End All, Be AllHellfire Peninsula63255 
Mission: End All, Be AllHellfire Peninsula63255 
Mission: Gateways Murketh and ShaadrazHellfire Peninsula6258
Mission: Kill the MessengerHellfire Peninsula62255 
Mission: Kill the MessengerHellfire Peninsula62255 
Mission: Sever the TieHellfire Peninsula6258 
Mission: Sever the Tie UNUSEDHellfire Peninsula6258 
Mission: The Abyssal ShelfHellfire Peninsula6258
Mission: The Abyssal ShelfHellfire Peninsula6258
Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz GatewaysHellfire Peninsula6258
NaladuHellfire Peninsula6260 
Natural RemediesHellfire Peninsula6361 
Nazgrel's Command <TXT>Hellfire Peninsula7070 
Outland Sucks!Hellfire Peninsula6158 
OverlordHellfire Peninsula6358
Planning the EscapeHellfire Peninsula6158 
Planning the EscapeHellfire Peninsula6158 
Preparing the SalveHellfire Peninsula6158
Provoking the WarbossHellfire Peninsula6158 
Provoking the WarbossHellfire Peninsula6158 
Rampaging RavagersHellfire Peninsula6360
Ravager Egg RoundupHellfire Peninsula6158 
Report to NazgrelHellfire Peninsula6158
Report to ZuraiHellfire Peninsula6161
Return to Honor HoldHellfire Peninsula61255 
Return to ObadeiHellfire Peninsula6260
Return to the Abyssal ShelfHellfire Peninsula6258
Return to the Abyssal ShelfHellfire Peninsula6258
Return to ThrallmarHellfire Peninsula6158
Rohok's RequestHellfire Peninsula7068
Saving Private ImarionHellfire Peninsula6158 
Saving Scout MakhaHellfire Peninsula6158 
Sha'naar RelicsHellfire Peninsula6360
Shatter PointHellfire Peninsula6058
Shizz WorkHellfire Peninsula6158 
Smooth as ButterHellfire Peninsula6158 
Source of the CorruptionHellfire Peninsula6360
Spinebreaker PostHellfire Peninsula6058
Testing the AntidoteHellfire Peninsula6361 
The Agony and the DarknessHellfire Peninsula6158
The Arakkoa ThreatHellfire Peninsula6360
The AssassinHellfire Peninsula6260
The Battle HornHellfire Peninsula6158
The Citadel's ReachHellfire Peninsula6158
The Citadel's ReachHellfire Peninsula6158
The Cleansing Must Be StoppedHellfire Peninsula6260
The Dark MissiveHellfire Peninsula6158
The Dreghood EldersHellfire Peninsula6260 
The EarthbinderHellfire Peninsula6361 
The Finest DownHellfire Peninsula6260
The Great FissureHellfire Peninsula6260
The Heart of DarknessHellfire Peninsula6158
The Legion RebornHellfire Peninsula6158
The Legion's PlansHellfire Peninsula61255 
The LongbeardsHellfire Peninsula6260
The Mag'harHellfire Peninsula6260
The MastermindHellfire Peninsula61255
The MastermindHellfire Peninsula6158
The Mistress RevealedHellfire Peninsula6260
The Path of AnguishHellfire Peninsula6158
The Path of GloryHellfire Peninsula6158
The Pools of AggonarHellfire Peninsula6260
The Road to Falcon WatchHellfire Peninsula6361
The Rock Flayer MatriarchHellfire Peninsula6360
The Seer's RelicHellfire Peninsula6360
The Temple of TelhamatHellfire Peninsula6358
The UnyieldingHellfire Peninsula6158
The Warchief's MandateHellfire Peninsula6260
The Warp RiftsHellfire Peninsula6158
The Western FlankHellfire Peninsula6158
The Western FlankHellfire Peninsula6158
Through the Dark PortalHellfire Peninsula6158
Through the Dark PortalHellfire Peninsula6054
Through the Dark PortalHellfire Peninsula6158
Trueflight ArrowsHellfire Peninsula6361
Under Whose Orders?Hellfire Peninsula6158 
Under Whose Orders?Hellfire Peninsula6158 
Unyielding SoulsHellfire Peninsula6158
Vile PlansHellfire Peninsula6158
Void RidgeHellfire Peninsula6158
Voidwalkers Gone WildHellfire Peninsula6158 
Wanted: Blacktalon the SavageHellfire Peninsula6358
Warboss Nekrogg's OrdersHellfire Peninsula6158 
Warboss Nekrogg's OrdersHellfire Peninsula6158 
Warlord of the Bleeding HollowHellfire Peninsula6058
Waste Not, Want NotHellfire Peninsula6158
When Helboars FlyHellfire Peninsula61255 
When This Mine's a-Rockin'Hellfire Peninsula6158
When This Mine's a-Rockin'Hellfire Peninsula6158
When This Mine's a-Rockin'Hellfire Peninsula61255
Wing Commander GryphongarHellfire Peninsula6058