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Altered Beings

Collect 6 Altered Snapjaw Shells from Snapjaws in the Stagnant Oasis.
  » 6 x Altered Snapjaw Shell

It will be important to study both plant and animal life impacted by the oases and the unusual energies you've discovered. The Stagnant Oasis below us is home to a species of snapjaw turtles. Recently their population has exploded. Moreover, the once peaceful animals are growing aggressive, as I learned the hard way before trekking up here.

<Jerrik holds up a bandaged finger.>

I suspect they've been altered by the oases. Collect their shells and take them to Tonga at Crossroads for further study.

How goes your collection? Did you get the shells?

Thank you, <name>. Studying the beasts of an area can tell much about the area itself. We shall see what tale these shells tell.

Please accept my gratitude for your aid ... and perhaps you can use these coins. I find that I do not need them.

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with Thunder Bluff
- Money: 6
- Money at max level: 5

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 10
  • Faction: Horde
  • Races: Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Pandaren Horde, Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren
  • Zone: Northern Barrens
  • Shareable
  • Added in 1.11.1
  • Completed by: 4298 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Altered Beings» Tonga Runetotem
» Jerrik Highmountain
Tonga Runetotem
2. Hamuul Runetotem??
3. Mura Runetotem??

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