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  » Malificus slain

- Reputations:
  » +500 reputation with Armies of Legionfall
- The following spell will be cast on you:

Quick Facts
  • Level: 110
  • Required level: 110
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Broken Shore
  • Type: Legionfall World Quest
  • Raid quest
  • Added in 7.2.0

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Malificus??

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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Flare In The DarkBroken Shore110110 
A Giant ProblemBroken Shore110110 
A Tad More CorruptionBroken Shore110110 
Aalgen PointBroken Shore110110 
Ancient BonesBroken Shore110110 
ApocronBroken Shore110110 
ArachnicideBroken Shore110110 
Arachnid SuperiorityBroken Shore110110 
Armies of LegionfallBroken Shore110110 
Battery BackupBroken Shore110110 
Behind Enemy PortalsBroken Shore110110 
Behind Enemy PortalsBroken Shore110110 
Behind Enemy PortalsBroken Shore110110 
Break Their GarrisonBroken Shore110110 
Brew BanditsBroken Shore110110 
BrutallusBroken Shore110110 
Brute WranglingBroken Shore110110 
By Water Be PurgedBroken Shore110110 
Call of the FrostwyrmBroken Shore110110 
Choose Order Hall to SupportBroken Shore110110 
Clearing the PathBroken Shore110110 
Contagion ContainmentBroken Shore110110 
Contagion ContainmentBroken Shore110110 
Creeping FelBroken Shore110110 
Creeping FelBroken Shore110110 
Creepy CrawliesBroken Shore110110 
Duty's EndBroken Shore110110 
Elemental AbuseBroken Shore110110 
Everyone to the FrontBroken Shore110110 
Exterminating with ImpunityBroken Shore110110 
Fall of the FelskornBroken Shore110110 
Fel Fire and IceBroken Shore110110 
Fel-Corrupted FeathersBroken Shore110110 
Felbound SpiritsBroken Shore110110 
FelrglrglrglrglBroken Shore110110 
Fowl PlayBroken Shore110110 
Full FelBroken Shore110110 
Gems of DestructionBroken Shore110110 
Get Them UpBroken Shore110110 
Grave Robbin'Broken Shore110110 
Hellish ScavengersBroken Shore110110 
How Do YOU Like It?!Broken Shore110110 
I Fel Bat For YouBroken Shore110110 
Illidari Masters: Madam ViciosaBroken Shore110110 
Illidari Masters: Nameless MysticBroken Shore110110 
Illidari Masters: SissixBroken Shore110110 
Infernal DownfallBroken Shore110110 
Keys are a CrutchBroken Shore110110 
Kraken EggsBroken Shore110110 
Leave a TrailBroken Shore110110 
Life's a LichBroken Shore110110 
Magical BeastsBroken Shore110110 
MalificusBroken Shore110110 
Minion! Kill That One Too!Broken Shore110110 
Mission: Felrage DestructionBroken Shore110110 
Mud MuckingBroken Shore110110 
Natural SelectionBroken Shore110110 
Nature UnshackledBroken Shore110110 
No Soldier Left BehindBroken Shore110110 
On Borrowed WingsBroken Shore110110 
Playing with Green FireBroken Shore110110 
Power of Our EnemyBroken Shore110110 
Purging the FlamesBroken Shore110110 
Relic HuntingBroken Shore110110 
Restless SpiritsBroken Shore110110 
Rolling ThunderBroken Shore110110 
Rules of the HuntBroken Shore110110 
Salving the CorruptionBroken Shore110110 
Set You Up the Bomb!Broken Shore110110 
Ship GraveyardBroken Shore110110 
Si'vashBroken Shore110110 
Simply StunningBroken Shore110110 
Spiders, Huh?Broken Shore110110 
Stand!Broken Shore110110 
Stonebound SoldiersBroken Shore110110 
TBDBroken Shore   
The Broodmother's WrathBroken Shore110110 
The Burning KeysBroken Shore110110 
The Call of BattleBroken Shore110110 
The Command CenterBroken Shore 110 
The Cost of PowerBroken Shore110110 
The Mage TowerBroken Shore 110 
The MotherlodeBroken Shore110110 
The Nether DisruptorBroken Shore 110 
The Shackled VoidBroken Shore110110 
The Shadow of the SentinaxBroken Shore110110 
The Tormented ReturnBroken Shore110110 
The United FrontBroken Shore110110 
The Wailing DeadBroken Shore110110 
Tomb RaideringBroken Shore110110 
Torture ChamberBroken Shore110110 
Treasure Master Iks'reegedBroken Shore110110 
Unchecked PowerBroken Shore110110 
Vengeance PointBroken Shore110110 
War MaterielBroken Shore110110 
We Didn't Start the FireBroken Shore110110 
We're Treasure HuntersBroken Shore110110 
Where There is a Whip...Broken Shore110110 
Winged TerrorsBroken Shore110110 
X Treasures Found, 1 Challenge AttemptedBroken Shore   
X Unstable Portals Disrupted, 1 World Boss DefeatedBroken Shore