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Ley Line Interference


  » Southeast Siphon destroyed
  » Southwest Siphon destroyed
  » Northeast Siphon destroyed
  » Northwest Siphon destroyed
  » Central Siphon destroyed
  » Leysight Spectacles (Provided)

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with The Nightfallen
- The following spell will be cast on you:

Quick Facts
  • Level: 110
  • Required level: 110
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Suramar
  • Type: Rare World Quest
  • Added in 7.2.0
Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Ley Line Interference??

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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
7.0 Artifacts - Shaman - Puzzle Room - Treasure - DGKSuramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 000 - The Drift - L (DLA)Suramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 001 - Tel'anor Cave - AJBSuramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 002 - Fel Breach - AJBSuramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 003 - Jandvik - twhSuramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 004 - Jandvik - twhSuramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 005 - Jandvik - twhSuramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 007 - Jandvik - twhSuramar   
7.0 Suramar - Treasure 008 - Sashj'tar Ruins - twhSuramar   
A Desperate JourneySuramar110110 
A Different SourceSuramar110110 
A Fate Worse Than DyingSuramar110110 
A Mlrglrmg For GrlmrglSuramar110110 
A Re-Warding EffortSuramar110110 
A Way Back InSuramar110110 
Against Their WillSuramar110110 
All Along the WaterwaysSuramar113110 
All That GlittersSuramar110110 
An Ancient RecipeSuramar110110 
An Artisan's MarkSuramar110110 
An Old AllySuramar110110 
Ancient Mana Chests 01Suramar   
Apex PredatorSuramar110110 
Arcane CommunionSuramar110110 
Arcane ThirstSuramar110110 
Arluin Bribe Tracker 2Suramar   
Arluin Bribe TrackingSuramar   
Arluin Wants In (Tracking Quest)Suramar110110 
Azoran Must DieSuramar110110 
Bad ApplesSuramar110110 
Band of Blood BrothersSuramar110110 
Beach BonfireSuramar110110 
Bite of the Sashj'tarSuramar110110 
Blast of Spice FishSuramar110110 
Blood of My BloodSuramar110110 
Breaking Down the Big GunsSuramar110110 
Breaking the SealSuramar110110 
Brimstone DestroyerSuramar110110 
Bubble TroubleSuramar110110 
Clear the CatacombsSuramar110110 
Clear the SkiesSuramar110110 
Cling to HopeSuramar110110 
Cloaked in MoonshadeSuramar110110 
Close EnoughSuramar110110 
Discovery Requires ExperimentationSuramar110110 
Dispensing CompassionSuramar113110 
Do The Thing!Suramar110110 
Dry PowderSuramar110110 
Elegant DesignSuramar110110 
Eminent Grow-mainSuramar110110 
End of the LineSuramar110110 
Estate Jewelry: A Braggart's BroochSuramar110110 
Estate Jewelry: Haute Claw-tureSuramar110110 
Feathersong's RedemptionSuramar110110 
Feeding Shal'AranSuramar110110 
Fel Bent for LeatherSuramar110110 
Feline FranticSuramar110110 
Felsoul Teleporter Online!Suramar110110 
Fertilizing the FutureSuramar110110 
Final PreparationsSuramar110110 
Finding BrytagSuramar110110 
First ContactSuramar110110 
Fisherman's TonicSuramar110110 
Fragments of MemorySuramar110110 
Fresh MeatSuramar110110 
Friends in CagesSuramar110110 
Friends On the OutsideSuramar113110 
Fruit of the DoomSuramar110110 
Glaive CircumstancesSuramar110110 
Grimwing the DevourerSuramar110110 
Homeward BoundingSuramar110110 
Honoring the PastSuramar110110 
How It's Made: ArcwineSuramar113110 
Intense ConcentrationSuramar113110 
Into the CrevasseSuramar110110 
Into The Pit!Suramar110110 
Jandvik's Last HopeSuramar110110 
Jarl Come Back NowSuramar110110 
Jars for JandvikSuramar110110 
Kel'danath's LegacySuramar110110 
Khadgar's DiscoverySuramar110110 
Lady LunastreSuramar113110 
Left for DeadSuramar110110 
Ley Line InfluencesSuramar 98 
Lieutenant StrathmarSuramar110110 
Lingering on the EdgeSuramar110110 
Little One LostSuramar113110 
Lyana DarksorrowSuramar110110 
Magic ClamsSuramar 98 
Magic MessageSuramar110110 
Make an EntranceSuramar113110 
Make Your MarkSuramar113110 
Mglrgrs Of Our GrmlgrlrSuramar110110 
Missing Along the WaySuramar110110 
Moonshade HoldoutSuramar110110 
Moonwhisper RescueSuramar110110 
Moths to a FlameSuramar113110 
Mounted Shark FishingSuramar110110 
Mrgls of EndearmentSuramar110110 
Natural AdversariesSuramar110110 
Network SecuritySuramar110110 
Not Here, Not Now, Not EverSuramar110110 
Oculeth's WorkshopSuramar110110 
One of the PeopleSuramar113110 
One Small Step for MagicSuramar110110 
Parts UnknownSuramar110110 
Paying RespectsSuramar110110 
Pest ManagementSuramar110110 
Power GridSuramar110110 
Power! Get The Power!Suramar110110 
Prongs and FangsSuramar110110 
Pry It From Their Cold, Feral ClawsSuramar110110 
Purge the UncleanSuramar110110 
Quality of LifeSuramar110110 
Redhoof the AncientSuramar110110 
Removing ObstaclesSuramar110110 
Return to Irongrove RetreatSuramar110110 
Save the Crumbling CoastSuramar110110 
Scattered MemoriesSuramar110110 
Scenes from a MemorySuramar110110 
Scouting the Crimson ThicketSuramar110110 
Search and Rescue!Suramar110110 
Shard of KozakSuramar110110 
Shard of VorgosSuramar110110 
Sharing the WealthSuramar110110 
Shatter the Sashj'tarSuramar110110 
Shift ChangeSuramar113110 
Silkwing SabotageSuramar113110 
Slab of BaconSuramar110110 
Something in the WaterSuramar110110 
Special DeliverySuramar113110 
Squid Out of WaterSuramar110110 
Subject 16Suramar110110 
Sunken FoesSuramar110110 
Supplies Needed: FelslateSuramar110110 
Supplies Needed: Starlight RosesSuramar110110 
Suramar - Demon Hunter Daily - Choice Reward Summary - 1Suramar100100 
Suramar - Demon Hunter Daily - Choice Reward Summary - 2Suramar100100 
Suramar - Demon Hunter Daily - Choice Reward Summary - 3Suramar100100 
Survey Says...Suramar110110 
Survival of the FittestSuramar110110 
Symbols of PowerSuramar110110 
Sympathizers Among the Shal'doreiSuramar110110 
Syrana TrackerSuramar113110 
Take Me To Your LeaderSuramar110110 
Tapping the LeylinesSuramar110110 
Tapping the UndergroundSuramar 98 
Testing the WatersSuramar110110 
Thalyssra's AbodeSuramar113110 
Thalyssra's DrawersSuramar113110 
The Arcway: Long Buried KnowledgeSuramar113110 
The Arcway: Opening the ArcwaySuramar113110 
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They FelSuramar110110 
The Black TomeSuramar110110 
The Delicate Art of TelemancySuramar110110 
The Final BlessingSuramar110110 
The Final IngredientSuramar110110 
The Fruit of Our EffortsSuramar113110 
The GondolierSuramar110110 
The Hidden CitySuramar110110 
The Key Is Around Here Somewhere...Suramar110110 
The Last ChapterSuramar110110 
The Lost AdvisorSuramar110110 
The Masks We WearSuramar110110 
The Master's LegacySuramar110110 
The Nightborne PactSuramar110110 
The NightfallenSuramar110110 
The Old Fashioned WaySuramar113110 
The Only Choice We Can MakeSuramar110110 
The Only Way Out is ThroughSuramar110110 
The Road to FelSuramar110110 
The SeawardenSuramar110110 
The Valewalker's BurdenSuramar110110 
They Become The HuntedSuramar110110 
Timing Is EverythingSuramar110110 
Tools of the TradeSuramar110110 
Tracking Quest for Latosius Challenge 1Suramar113110 
Tracking Quest: Dorion FedSuramar110110 
Trail of EchoesSuramar110110 
Trapping EvolvedSuramar110110 
Tree DestroyedSuramar110110 
Trouble Has Huge FeetSuramar110110 
Turn Around, NighteyesSuramar110110 
Turning the TidemistressSuramar110110 
Turtle PoweredSuramar110110 
Vignette: ElfbaneSuramar   
Vignette: Shal'anSuramar   
Written in StoneSuramar110110 
You've Got to Be Kitten Me Right MeowSuramar110110 
Zealot's DuesSuramar113110