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Will of the Valarjar

Complete 20 world quests in the Broken Isles.
  » 7.0 Class Hall - Warrior - Campaign - Complete 50 World Quests

As we prepare to launch an attack on the Legion's own world, it is important to not give reprieve to our enemies in this one.

As your armies seek to secure enemy gateways, you would do well to return to the Broken Isles and carry on the battle against those who stand against you.

You've done well. Our enemies tremble before you and your armies.

- Money: 38 80
- Money at max level: 22 85 50

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 110
  • Faction: Both
  • Category: Warrior Campaign
  • Shareable
  • Added in 7.0.3
  • Completed by: 6697 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Demonic RunesOdynOdyn
2. Will of the ValarjarOdynOdyn
3. Capturing the GatewayOdynOdyn

Category (62) Comments (New!) (6) Screenshots (New!) (1)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Glorious ReunionWarrior Campaign 110 
A Godly InvitationWarrior Campaign110110 
Arming the ArmyWarrior Campaign 110 
Axe and You Shall ReceiveWarrior Campaign 110 
Battlelord of the ValarjarWarrior Campaign 110 
Black Rook Hold: Greater PowerWarrior Campaign 110 
Break the BondsWarrior Campaign 101 
Captain StahlstromWarrior Campaign 101 
Capturing the GatewayWarrior Campaign 110 
Ch 5 Available Tracking QuestWarrior Campaign 110 
Champion: Dvalen IronruneWarrior Campaign 98 
Champion: EitriggWarrior Campaign 110
Champion: Finna BjornsdottirWarrior Campaign 101 
Champion: HodirWarrior Campaign 98 
Champion: King YmironWarrior Campaign 98 
Champion: Lord Darius CrowleyWarrior Campaign 110
Champion: Ragnvald DrakebornWarrior Campaign 101 
Champion: Svergan StormcloakWarrior Campaign 98 
Champion: ThorimWarrior Campaign 98 
Champions of SkyholdWarrior Campaign 101 
Demonic RunesWarrior Campaign 110 
Einar the RunecasterWarrior Campaign 101 
Helya's HornWarrior Campaign 110 
JorhuttamWarrior Campaign 103 
Kvaldir on CallWarrior Campaign 110 
Maw of Souls: Message to HelyaWarrior Campaign 110 
Maw of Souls: Ymiron's Broken BladeWarrior Campaign 110 
Missing in Action: EitriggWarrior Campaign 110
Missing in Action: Lord Darius CrowleyWarrior Campaign 110
Mission: Search and RescueWarrior Campaign 110
Mission: Search and RescueWarrior Campaign 110
Odyn's SummonsWarrior Campaign 101 
On the Trail of the Great WormWarrior Campaign 101 
Operation FelrageWarrior Campaign 110
Operation FelrageWarrior Campaign 110
Preparing For WarWarrior Campaign 103 
Recruiting ShieldmaidensWarrior Campaign 103 
Recruiting the TroopsWarrior Campaign 101 
Recruitment DriveWarrior Campaign 110 
Resource ManagementWarrior Campaign 110 
Return of the BattlelordWarrior Campaign 110 
Revenge, Served ColdWarrior Campaign 103 
Stolen HonorWarrior Campaign 101 
Stolen SoulsWarrior Campaign 110 
Svergan's PromiseWarrior Campaign 101 
Tactical PlanningWarrior Campaign 110 
The Call of BattleWarrior Campaign 101 
The Eye of OdynWarrior Campaign 98 
The Fate of HodirWarrior Campaign 110 
The GjallarhornWarrior Campaign 101 
The Trial of RageWarrior Campaign110110 
Thus Begins the WarWarrior Campaign 98 
To the Summit!Warrior Campaign 103 
Tracking Quest: Capturing the Gateway 1Warrior Campaign   
Tracking Quest: Capturing the Gateway 2Warrior Campaign   
Tracking Quest: Capturing the Gateway 3Warrior Campaign   
Tracking Quest: Preparing for War 1Warrior Campaign   
Tracking Quest: Preparing for War 2Warrior Campaign   
Tracking Quest: Preparing for War 3Warrior Campaign   
Troops in the FieldWarrior Campaign 101 
Ulduar's OathWarrior Campaign 110 
Will of the ValarjarWarrior Campaign 110