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Collect 50 Lumenstone by sending champions on "Lumenstone" missions.
  » 50 x Lumenstone

To prepare for the battle ahead, we will need armor and weapons.

We have learned of lumenstone, a rare metal that can negate magic... even fel magic.

It is found in small quantities all over the Broken Isles, and many of the native races use it in their own metalcrafting.

We should send our champions to target enemies around the Broken Isles - there should be plenty of lumenstone to be found in their stockpiles.

Have you acquired any lumenstone?

There's enough lumenstone here to craft armor and weapons for an army. Thank you, Highlord.

- Money: 19 40
- Money at max level: 18 28 50

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 110
  • Faction: Both
  • Category: Paladin Campaign
  • Added in 7.0.3
  • Completed by: 6882 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Champion: Delas Moonfang» Delas Moonfang
» Delas Moonfang (Priestess of the Moon)
» Delas Moonfang
» Delas Moonfang (Priestess of the Moon)
2. LumenstoneLord Grayson Shadowbreaker (Mission Specialist)Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker (Mission Specialist)
3. A Light in the DarknessLord Grayson Shadowbreaker (Mission Specialist)Lord Maxwell Tyrosus
4. Warriors of LightLord Maxwell TyrosusLord Maxwell Tyrosus
5. Champion: Arator the RedeemerArator the RedeemerArator the Redeemer

Missions (5)Category (65)See also (1) Comments (New!) (5) Screenshots (New!) (1)
Lumenstone: Faronaar
The eredar at Faronaar smith weapons out of lumenstone. Strike at their forges and take the metal we seek, dealing a double blow to our enemies.
Lumenstone: Suramar City
The nightborne of Suramar city are studying the properties of lumenstone to augment their constructs. Break into the city and steal their supplies.
Lumenstone: Stormheim
Our scouts report that the vrykul have acquired a cache of lumenstone weapons, and they intend to melt them down to create armor for their drakes.
Lumenstone: Broken Shore
The demons have left lumenstone weapons scattered all over the Broken Shore. If we move fast, we can recover those weapons.
Lumenstone: Vashj'ir
Long ago, a shipment of lumenstone was lost overboard during a terrible storm above Vashj'ir. Unfortunately, the naga may have found it before us.