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Children of Nar'thalas

Find three Ancient Highborne Tomes in the Ruins of Nar'thalas.
  » First Ancient Highborne Tome
  » Second Ancient Highborne Tome
  » Third Ancient Highborne Tome

Hi! <name>, right? The archmages in Dalaran said we might see you down here.

My brother and I are here on a reconnaissance mission. We're looking for our parents.

We've lived our entire lives thinking that our family was killed in Azsuna several thousand years ago, but look around! Most of the elves here are ghosts.

Olothil's been searching through books for clues as to why, but we could use some help.

This Prince Farondis opposed Queen Azshara, so she got mad and blew everything up? That's awesome!

Hey Olothil, listen to this!

- Reputations:
  » +150 reputation with Court of Farondis
- Money: 19 40
- Money at max level: 18 28 50

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 98
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Azsuna
  • Shareable
  • Added in 7.0.3
  • Completed by: 28344 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Nar'thalas Still SuffersPrince FarondisPrince Farondis
2. Children of Nar'thalasKallistia Starlance (Kirin Tor)Kallistia Starlance (Kirin Tor)

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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Cleansing CocktailAzsuna110110 
A Favor for Mr. ShackleAzsuna 98 
A Rather Long WalkAzsuna 98 
A Tainted VintageAzsuna110110 
A Tainted VintageAzsuna 98 
Aethril ClusterAzsuna110110 
Aethril ClusterAzsuna110110 
AgapanthusAzsuna 98 
Ancient ExemplarsAzsuna110110 
Aquatic AssassinationAzsuna110110 
ArkethraxAzsuna 98 
Azsuna - Treasure 043 - Grey ShoalsAzsuna   
Azsuna - Treasure 044 - Felblaze UnderwaterAzsuna   
Azsuna - Treasure 045 - Ley Ruins 02Azsuna   
Azsuna - Treasure 046 - Temple of a Thousand LightsAzsuna   
Azsuna - Treasure 047 - Smuggler's CampAzsuna   
Azsuna SpecimensAzsuna110110 
Back from the DeadAzsuna 98 
Boss Whalebelly's in ChargeAzsuna 98 
Bottled UpAzsuna 98 
Brilliant Leystone SeamsAzsuna110110 
Brimstone DestroyerAzsuna110110 
Brimstone DestroyerAzsuna110110 
Challiane VineyardsAzsuna 98 
Chief BitterbrineAzsuna 98 
Children of Nar'thalasAzsuna 98 
Commander SoraaxAzsuna   
Court of FarondisAzsuna110110 
Cursed to WitherAzsuna 98 
DANGER: Kosumoth the HungeringAzsuna110110 
Dark RevelationsAzsuna 98 
Dazed and Confused and AdorableAzsuna110110 
DEADLY: Withered J'imAzsuna110110 
Demon SoulsAzsuna 98 
Disgusting, but UsefulAzsuna110110 
Down to AzsunaAzsuna 98 
Dressing With ClassAzsuna 98 
Eye See YouAzsuna 98 
Faronaar in ChaosAzsuna110110 
Faronaar in RuinAzsuna110110 
Farondis Murder FlagAzsuna 98 
Fate of the Queen's ReprisalAzsuna 98
Fate of the Queen's ReprisalAzsuna 98
Fatty Lion Seal SkinAzsuna110110 
Feasting on the DragonAzsuna 98 
Fel MachinationsAzsuna 98 
Felblaze IngressAzsuna 98 
From WithinAzsuna 98 
From WithinAzsuna 98 
From WithinAzsuna 98 
Gleaming Leystone OutcroppingAzsuna110110 
Heads of the FleetAzsuna110110 
Help a WhelpAzsuna110110 
Hit the BooksAzsuna 98 
Huge Cursed QueenfishAzsuna110110 
Hunger's EndAzsuna 98 
I Believe I Can Fly!Azsuna 98 
Infiltrating Shipwreck ArenaAzsuna 98 
Inquisitor ErnstenbokAzsuna   
Into the AcademyAzsuna 98 
Into the FrayAzsuna 98 
Into the FrayAzsuna 98 
Investigation at Mak'ranaAzsuna110110 
Iridescent AethrilAzsuna110110 
Journey to the ReposeAzsuna 98 
Language of the LostAzsuna110110 
Leodrath's KinAzsuna110110 
Let Sleeping Giants LieAzsuna 98 
Let's Make A DealAzsuna 98 
Ley RaceAzsuna110110 
Leyhollow InfestationAzsuna110110 
Leyline AbuseAzsuna 98 
Leystone BasilisksAzsuna110110 
Leystone BasilisksAzsuna110110 
Lively AethrilAzsuna110110 
Lively Cursed QueenfishAzsuna110110 
Lively Cursed QueenfishAzsuna110110 
Luminous Leystone OutcroppingAzsuna110110 
Making the World Safe for ProfitAzsuna 98 
Maritime LawAzsuna 98 
Minion! Kill Them!Azsuna 98 
Missing DemonAzsuna 98 
Mixology Mix-upAzsuna110110 
Morale BoosterAzsuna 98 
Nar'thalas Still SuffersAzsuna 98 
No Time for TryoutsAzsuna 98 
Not On My WatchAzsuna110110 
On the BrinkAzsuna 98 
Operation Murloc FreedomAzsuna110110 
Our Very BonesAzsuna 98 
Paradise LostAzsuna 98 
Piracy Doesn't PayAzsuna110110 
Plunder the CoveAzsuna 98 
Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune DrawingAzsuna 98 
Presentation is EverythingAzsuna 98 
Prince FarondisAzsuna 98 
Quantity Over QualityAzsuna 98 
Queen QueenfishAzsuna110110 
Raft FishingAzsuna110110 
Rally the NightwatchersAzsuna110110 
Reclaiming LlothienAzsuna110110 
Reignite the WardsAzsuna 98 
Retake FaronaarAzsuna 98 
Round 1, Fight!Azsuna 98 
Runas Knows the WayAzsuna 98 
Runas the ShamedAzsuna 98 
Save YourselfAzsuna 98 
Saving StellagosaAzsuna 98 
Shell Out Some PainAzsuna110110 
Shipwrecked SailorsAzsuna 98
Shipwrecked SailorsAzsuna 98
Silky Prowler FurAzsuna110110 
Slab of BaconAzsuna110110 
Slab of BaconAzsuna110110 
Smooth Leystone DepositsAzsuna110110 
Smooth Sunrunner HideAzsuna110110 
StellagosaAzsuna 98 
Sternfathom's ChampionAzsuna 98 
Still AliveAzsuna 98 
Study Hall: Combat ResearchAzsuna 98 
Supplies Needed: LeystoneAzsuna110110 
Supplies Needed: StormscalesAzsuna110110 
The Broken AcademyAzsuna110110 
The Broken AcademyAzsuna 98 
The Captain's Foot LockerAzsuna 98 
The ConsumedAzsuna 98 
The Death of the EldestAzsuna 98 
The Eternal MagesAzsuna110110 
The Haunted HallsAzsuna 98 
The Head of the SnakeAzsuna 98 
The Headmistress' KeysAzsuna 98 
The Hunger ReturnsAzsuna 98 
The Last of the LastAzsuna 98 
The Magic of FlightAzsuna110110 
The Magister of MixologyAzsuna 98 
The Nightborne PrinceAzsuna 98 
The Prince is Going DownAzsuna 98 
The Right Weapon for the JobAzsuna 98 
The Scythe of SoulsAzsuna 98 
The Tidestone: ShatteredAzsuna 98 
The Walk of ShameAzsuna 98 
The WitheredAzsuna 98 
The Withered ReturnAzsuna110110 
Their Dying BreathsAzsuna 98 
They Came From the SeaAzsuna 98 
They're Doing it WrongAzsuna 98 
This IS In My Contract.Azsuna 98 
Those Beyond RedemptionAzsuna110110 
Those Beyond RedemptionAzsuna 98 
Those Who RememberAzsuna 98 
Timeworn ArtifactAzsuna 98 
Tip the ScalesAzsuna 98 
Tomes of YoreAzsuna110110 
Trailing the TidestoneAzsuna 98 
Training with the NightwatchersAzsuna110110 
Treacherous LeyrunnersAzsuna   
Treasure: Offerings for the GiantsAzsuna   
Twisted SoulsAzsuna110110 
Unscratched Hippogryph ScaleAzsuna110110 
Unwelcome VisitorsAzsuna110110 
Vantus Rune Work Order: Elerethe RenferalAzsuna110110 
Wanding 101Azsuna 98 
WANTED: Arcanist Shal'imanAzsuna110110 
WANTED: ArcavellusAzsuna110110 
WANTED: ArcavellusAzsuna110110 
WANTED: BrogozogAzsuna110110 
WANTED: BrogozogAzsuna110110 
WANTED: Doomlord KazrokAzsuna110110 
WANTED: Doomlord KazrokAzsuna110110 
WANTED: Infernal LordAzsuna110110 
WANTED: Inquisitor TivosAzsuna110110 
WANTED: Inquisitor TivosAzsuna110110 
WANTED: Normantis the DeposedAzsuna110110 
WANTED: SyphonusAzsuna110110 
WANTED: SyphonusAzsuna110110 
WANTED: VorthaxAzsuna110110 
WANTED: VorthaxAzsuna110110 
WANTED: Warbringer Mox'naAzsuna110110 
Watery GravesAzsuna110110 
Won't Anyone Think of the Whelps?Azsuna110110 
Work Order: Azsunite PendantAzsuna110110 
Work Order: Battlebound SpauldersAzsuna110110 
Work Order: Cursed QueenfishAzsuna110110 
Work Order: Draughts of Raw MagicAzsuna110110 
Work Order: Leystone GreavesAzsuna110110 
Work Order: Silkweave EpauletsAzsuna110110 
Work Order: StormscalesAzsuna110110 
Work Order: Word of Critical StrikeAzsuna110110 
You Never Know Until You ScryAzsuna 98 
You Scratch My Back...Azsuna 98 
[UNUSED]Rolling With the TidestoneAzsuna 98