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Gathering the Dreamweavers

Retrieve druids by completing "Gathering the Dreamweavers" missions.
  » 7.0 Order Hall - Druid - Campaign - Ch 3 - Mission - completed Gathering the Dreamweavers (HMC)

Now that you've recovered the Idol of the Wilds, it's time to put it to use to commune with Malorne. However, the ritual will need the combined power of many druids.

Send your champions to gather the druids of our order, and tell them to meet us in Nordrassil. We will need to do this together.

Good, the druids have gathered. Even now, they should be flocking to Nordrassil to prepare for the ritual.

- Money: 19 40
- Money at max level: 18 28 50

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 103
  • Faction: Both
  • Category: Druid Campaign
  • Added in 7.0.1
  • Completed by: 17872 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Tracking the EnemySylendra GladesongSylendra Gladesong
2. Idol of the WildsSylendra GladesongKeeper Remulos
3. Gathering the DreamweaversSkylord Omnuron (Mission Specialist)Keeper Remulos
4. The ProtectorsKeeper RemulosKeeper Remulos

Missions (5)Category (67) Comments (New!) (7) Screenshots (New!) (1)
Gathering the Dreamweavers: Celestine of the Harvest
The Temple of Elune is beset by satyr and the minions of the Legion. Celestine of the Harvest is helping, but we will need her here.
Gathering the Dreamweavers: Thisalee Crow
Thisalee Crow is in over her head. Sea giants have captured her, and she is being forced to battle in their underground fighting ring. We need to get her out!
Gathering the Dreamweavers: Matoclaw
Matoclaw led a team of druids into Highmountain to deal with harpies, but she's been cornered. Defeat Nest Matron Subonn and bring Matoclaw back!
Gathering the Dreamweavers: Talza
We haven't heard from Talza and his scouts in Stormheim. Considering the hostile vrykul in that area, it's likely they've been waylaid.
Gathering the Dreamweavers: Graham Silverclaw
A young druid with great potential, Graham Silverclaw, led our scouts to the edge of Suramar. But he ran into a Legion hunting party, and he needs assistance.