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Respect for the Past

Go to the four tanning racks around Highmountain and hear their stories.
  » Wisdom of Lohfal
  » Wisdom of Halewa
  » Wisdom of Garuu
  » Wisdom of Torgrul

We record the mistakes of the past so we can learn to avoid them in the present. However, recording history is not just about preventing missteps, but also to celebrate our successes.

Scattered around Highmountain at sacred locations are racks with stamped leather, much like the ones here, with stories to tell.

Go to these locations, pay your respect, and learn their lessons.

You look wiser, <name>. The ancestors clearly deemed you worthy of their lessons... ...as do I.

- Money: 18 60
- Money at max level: 17 97 50
- You will learn:

- The following spell will be cast on you:

Quick Facts
  • Level: 108
  • Required level: 108
  • Faction: Both
  • Category: Leatherworking
  • Shareable
  • Added in 7.0.3
  • Completed by: 3427 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Final LessonsDiane Cannings (Leather Armor Expert)Hrul Sharphoof (Leatherworking Trainer)
2. Respect for the PastHrul Sharphoof (Leatherworking Trainer)Hrul Sharphoof (Leatherworking Trainer)
3. Time Well SpentCelea (Leatherworking Trainer)Namha Moonwater (Leatherworking Trainer)
4. Mounting Made Easy?Namha Moonwater (Leatherworking Trainer)

Category (79) Comments (New!) (37) Screenshots (New!) (9) Videos (New!) (8)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
<nyi> <txt> The Scale CraftersLeatherworking11 
A Daring RescueLeatherworking104104 
A Debt PaidLeatherworking108108 
Adventuring AnxietiesLeatherworking104104 
Battle BondsLeatherworking106106
Battle BondsLeatherworking106106
Best Served ColdLeatherworking102102 
Black Rook BanditLeatherworking10098 
Claw of the LandLeatherworking104104 
Dazed of the PastLeatherworking104104 
Demon FleshLeatherworking110110 
Dragonscale LeatherworkingLeatherworking5540
Dragonscale LeatherworkingLeatherworking5540
Drogbar DurabilityLeatherworking102102 
Elemental LeatherworkingLeatherworking5540
Elemental LeatherworkingLeatherworking5540
Evolution of the PastLeatherworking108108 
Eye of Azshara: Scales of the SeaLeatherworking108108 
Fel TanningLeatherworking110110 
From Head to ToeLeatherworking10098 
Getting the Kinks OutLeatherworking104104 
Hardening the HideLeatherworking104104 
Hounds AboundLeatherworking110110 
Leather LadyLeatherworking10098 
Leather LegworkLeatherworking106106 
Leather of the AncientsLeatherworking110110 
Links in the ChainLeatherworking102102 
Mail MenLeatherworking10098 
Mail of the AncientsLeatherworking110110 
Master of the Wild LeatherLeatherworking4530
Master of the Wild LeatherLeatherworking4530
Moonglow VestLeatherworking188
Mounting Made EasyLeatherworking110110 
Naga Know-HowLeatherworking102102 
Over Your HeadLeatherworking10098 
Prime WardenscaleLeatherworking110110 
Reclaimed CargoLeatherworking104104 
Respect for the PastLeatherworking108108 
Scales of the ArcaneLeatherworking108108 
Scales of the EarthLeatherworking108108 
Shoulder the BurdenLeatherworking102102 
Skin DeepLeatherworking10098 
Stamped StoriesLeatherworking104104 
Stormheim SavageryLeatherworking10098 
Strength of the PastLeatherworking108108 
Tauren TanningLeatherworking102102 
Testing the MetalLeatherworking104104 
The Final LessonsLeatherworking108108 
The Legend of the ElderhideLeatherworking110110 
The Legend of the WardenscaleLeatherworking110110 
The Necessary MaterialsLeatherworking104104 
The Owl and the DreadlordLeatherworking110110 
The Owl and the ObserverLeatherworking110110 
The Owl and the TraitorLeatherworking110110 
The Wisp and the NightmareLeatherworking110110 
The Wisp and the SeaLeatherworking110110 
The Wisp and the ShadowLeatherworking110110 
Time Well SpentLeatherworking108108 
Too Good To Pass UpLeatherworking10098 
Tribal LeatherworkingLeatherworking5540
Tribal LeatherworkingLeatherworking5540
Vestment OpportunityLeatherworking10098 
Well Spent TimeLeatherworking108108 
Wild Leather ArmorLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather ArmorLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather BootsLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather BootsLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather HelmetLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather HelmetLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather LeggingsLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather LeggingsLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather ShouldersLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather ShouldersLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather VestLeatherworking4530
Wild Leather VestLeatherworking4530
Wisp-Touched ElderhideLeatherworking110110 
Wrong End of the KnifeLeatherworking110110