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Once a Scribe Like You

Kill Inkrot and obtain the Stolen Shadowruby.
  » Stolen Shadowruby

These sewers are something of a... "settling place" for many who can't cope with the stresses of regular Dalaran life. Take, for example, the target of this particular contract.

His name is Inkrot. He was once a scribe like you, but the stresses of dealing with the Professor drove him mad.

<Raethan hands you the contract.>

This says he's stolen a jewel from Cartier and Co. Bring me the jewel. Whatever else you find on him is yours.

Did he give you much trouble?

You, <name>, are a godsend. I thought I'd never be rid of that nuisance. As promised, here is the bounty for the contract.

- Money: 53 40
- Money at max level: 17 67 50

Quick Facts
  • Level: 106
  • Required level: 106
  • Faction: Both
  • Category: Inscription
  • Shareable
  • Added in 7.0.3
  • Completed by: 1723 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Ink FlowsProfessor Pallin (Inscription Trainer)Raethan (Underbelly Guard Captain)
2. Once a Scribe Like YouRaethan (Underbelly Guard Captain)Raethan (Underbelly Guard Captain)
3. An Odd Trinket» Raethan (Underbelly Guard Captain)
» Rotting Tarot Card
Professor Pallin (Inscription Trainer)
4. Halls of Valor: Vision of ValorProfessor Pallin (Inscription Trainer)Professor Pallin (Inscription Trainer)
5. An Embarrassing RevelationSteamy Romance NovelProfessor Pallin (Inscription Trainer)
6. Demon InkProfessor Pallin (Inscription Trainer)Professor Pallin (Inscription Trainer)

Category (50)Condition for (2) Comments (New!) (4) Screenshots (New!) (1) Videos (New!) (2)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Aethrem CrystalInscription108108 
An Embarrassing RevelationInscription108108 
An Odd TrinketInscription106106 
Ancient Vrykul MasteredInscription104104 
Bulging Nightmare PodInscription108108 
Containing the Demon WithinInscription102102 
Containing the Demon WithinInscription102102 
Control is KeyInscription102102 
Control is KeyInscription102102 
Defense SymbologyInscription102102 
Demon InkInscription110110 
Demons DeckInscription4540 
Fish InkInscription10098 
FLAG - Vantus Rune UsedInscription   
Halls of Valor: Vision of ValorInscription106106 
Inscription of the BodyInscription102102 
Mages DeckInscription3530 
Mass Milling TechniquesInscription108108 
Mysterious MessagesInscription104104 
Not So Complex?Inscription104104 
Once a Scribe Like YouInscription106106 
Opposites RepelInscription102102 
Opposites RepelInscription102102 
Our New AlliesInscription102102 
Our New AlliesInscription102102 
Right Tool for the JobInscription104104 
Rogues DeckInscription1510 
Roseate EssenceInscription108108 
Runes of PowerInscription102102 
Runes Within the RuinsInscription104104 
Sallow EssenceInscription106106 
Scribal KnowledgeInscription102102 
Sign ThisInscription10098 
Smashing HerbsInscription10098 
Swords DeckInscription2520 
Tales of the Broken IslesInscription   
The Burdens of HuntingInscription102102 
The Card SharkInscription10098 
The Ink FlowsInscription106106 
The Legacy Passed OnInscription108108
The Legacy Passed OnInscription108108
The Plot ThickensInscription108108
The Plot ThickensInscription108108
The Price of PowerInscription102102 
The Price of PowerInscription102102 
To Know Your EnemyInscription102102 
Unlocking Your Potential [PH]Inscription1515 
Vantus MasteryInscription110110 
Woody Seed ClusterInscription108108